Speech-Language Pathology Event


Speech-Language Pathologists are health professional who have expertise in the assessment and treatment of communication and swallowing disorders.

NP | Eureka! They're paying for it: Budget doles out major cash for science

Published: 28Feb2018

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a proud science fiction fan, but his government's third budget is much more focused on uncovering new scientific facts. [...] The budget itself is so complex it's...

CBC | The 2018 Federal budget: What's in it for Quebec?

Published: 28Feb2018

Science, research and innovation - The federal budget boasts the "largest investment in fundamental research ($3 billion) in Canadian history." It's a move that McGill University is welcoming. "I...

CBC | This prof is turning Homer's Iliad into a weekly, serialized 1-person bar show

Published: 27Feb2018

Lynn Kozak is spending their sabbatical from McGill University in a bar on Montreal's Park Avenue, starring in a solo-series called Happy Hour Homer.As it happens (CBC)

WP | The silent microbiome crisis

Published: 27Feb2018

Co-authored by Tobias Rees, Social Studies of Medicine at McGill University:...

LANCET | Cindy Blackstock: Advocate for First Nations children

Published: 27Feb2018

She has been called “Canada's Martin Luther King”, the “conscience of the nation”, and a “national hero”, but Cindy Blackstock bristles at the accolades. “The only reason my job exists is because...

SALON | U.S. gun violence is a symptom of a long historical problem

Published: 26Feb2018

(Op-ed by J.M. Opal, Associate Professor of History, McGill University) “There is no reason to think that America’s leaders will respond any differently to the latest mass shooting.”Salon | The...