Inaugural Dr. Bernice Grafstein Annual Lecture in Neuroscience


A neural circuit approach to psychiatric illness Joshua A. Gordon, M.D., Ph.D. Director of the National Institute of Mental Health

The overwhelming gender bias in 'New York Times' book reviews

Published: 30Aug2017

"A team of five undergraduate researchers at McGill University analyzed over 10,000 reviews in the New York Times Book Review, tracking metrics including the gender of authors whose books were...

Erosion alarm for Herschel Island in the High Arctic

Published: 30Aug2017

"This year scientists on Herschel Island just off the Yukon coast in the Beaufort Sea recently expressed concern about unusual and extensive erosion there. Wayne Pollard is a professor at McGill...

McGill, Concordia team up to create 'net zero energy' home

Published: 30Aug2017

Imagine a household that produces as much if not more electricity than it consumes. Now imagine that home in Montreal — harsh winters and all. That’s what a group of students and staff from...

Montreal's Neuro and AI community at heart of 'open science' movement

Published: 30Aug2017

Montreal's world-famous brain research centre is in the middle of conducting an experiment on what could be its most ambitious subject: itself. Since 2016, McGill University's Montreal Neurological...

What's warping the faces of monkeys in Uganda?

Published: 28Aug2017

Researchers began to wonder if pesticides in the farmland that surrounds the Sebitoli area were a culprit. “That was one possibility,” says Colin Chapman, an author of the study and a professor in...

Why labelling President Trump as mentally ill is wrong

Published: 28Aug2017

Op-ed by Rob Whitley, Ph.D., assistant professor in the department of psychiatry at McGill University and a research scientist at the Douglas Hospital Research Centre

Two paths for the personal essay

Published: 25Aug2017

Article by Merve Emre, Professor in the Department of English...

The misplaced arguments against Black Lives Matter

Published: 24Aug2017

Jacob Levy, a political philosopher, argues that BLM is “one of the most significant political mobilisations in defence of freedom” in decades. Its supporters oppose police brutality, mass...