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Dr. Dagher receives major Foundation grant from CIHR

BIC Principal investigator Dr. Alain Dagher receives $2.1M in Foundation grant from CIHR to study the brain's dopamine systems with brain imaging.

Functional Neuroimaging of dopamine systems: application to Parkinson's Disease, addiction and obesity.

The main goal is to understand the function of brain systems involved in reward, motivation, learning and decision-making. 

Published: 16Jul2015

HIV uses the immune system’s own tools to suppress it

A Canadian research team at the IRCM in Montréal, led by molecular virologist Éric A. Cohen, PhD, made a significant discovery on how HIV escapes the body’s antiviral responses. The team uncovered how an HIV viral protein known as Vpu tricks the immune system by using its own regulatory process to evade the host’s first line of defence. This breakthrough was published yesterday in the scientific journal PLoS Pathogens and will be presented at the upcoming IAS 2015 conference in Vancouver. The findings pave the way for future HIV prevention or cure strategies.

Published: 15Jul2015

Big imaging data in action: large-scale analysis of 10,000 MRI volumes by Drs Arnold and Collins reveals fluctuations in brain size depending on time fo the day

Diurnal fluctuations in brain volume

The brain shrinks over the course of the day, ending up smaller in the evening – before returning to its full size the next morning. That’s according to a new study from BIC Principal Investigators Arnold and Collins and collaborators, based on an analysis of about 10,000 MRI scans.

Published: 9Jul2015

Dr. Baillet and collaborator wins McGill's first Biomedical Engineering Collaborative Research Project competition

Professors Sylvain Baillet (BIC Principal investigator) and Matt Kinsella (Dept of Bioengineering) have won the first Biomedical Engineering Collaborative Research Project competition held by McGill’s Department of Biomedical Engineering, for their project titled:

Millisecond in vivo imaging of nanoparticle circulation and uptake in brain cancer therapy. 

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Published: 9Jul2015

Big Data genomics researchers call for cloud support

Today in the journal Nature prominent researchers from Canada, Europe and the U.S. have made a powerful call to major funding agencies, asking them to commit to establishing a global genomic data commons in the cloud that could be easily accessed by authorized researchers worldwide.

Published: 9Jul2015

Could black phosphorus be the next silicon?

As scientists continue to hunt for a material that will make it possible to pack more transistors on a chip, new research from McGill University and Université de Montréal adds to evidence that black phosphorus could emerge as a strong candidate.

Published: 7Jul2015

Taking the pain out of office work

Office work will become much less of a pain in the neck if Julie Côté has her way. 

Published: 7Jul2015