End Canada's criminal ban on contentious CRISPR gene-editing research, major science group urges

Published: 10Nov2017

The step would be a “game-changer,” said Bartha Knoppers, a health-policy expert at McGill University, in a presentation to the annual Till & McCulloch Meetings of stem-cell and regenerative...

English F-word acceptable for French broadcasts, regulator says

Published: 9Nov2017

Chantal Bouchard, a sociolinguist with McGill University, said the English obscenity is fairly commonly used by French speakers in informal conversation. Unlike French swear words, which Bouchard...

Good public policy doesn’t just happen. It takes hard work

Published: 8Nov2017

Op-ed by Christopher Ragan, an economist and the inaugural director of McGill University's Max Bell School of Public Policy, which launches this week in Montreal....

McGill University launching school of public policy

Published: 7Nov2017

The university will launch the Max Bell School of Public Policy Tuesday at noon at Montreal’s Hotel Omni Mont-Royal. The launch will be followed by a panel discussion on Canada’s policy challenges....

Montreal conference addresses problematic artificial intelligence issues

Published: 6Nov2017

“If you have an algorithm that sees biased data, gender biased, racially biased, biased based on economic status and so on, the algorithm is going to ingest that and result in a biased model,”...

Election issues: Who will improve public transit in Montreal?

Published: 3Nov2017

Ahmed El-Geneidy, an associate professor at McGill’s School of Urban Planning, disagrees with his Concordia counterparts, saying both mayoral candidates are promising major transit projects and he...

Gaona: Here's why Catalonia’s 'independence' isn't viable

Published: 1Nov2017

Op-ed by Jose Mauricio Gaona, O’Brien Fellow at the McGill Centre for Human Rights and Saul Hayes Fellow at McGill University’s Faculty of Law. 

2017 Greenest Campuses in Canada index

Published: 31Oct2017

McGill is the second greenest campus in Canada according to the 2017 Corporate Knights Green Campus Ranking. Find out more: Corporate Knights

Op-Ed: It's getting clearer — the diet-cancer connection points to sugar and carbs

Published: 30Oct2017

This is not to say that all cancers are caused by too much insulin or that we should never eat sugar again. Michael Pollak, a metabolism researcher and director of cancer prevention at McGill...