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Is 2015 your year to come home?

Calling all MDCM graduates whose class year ends in 0 or 5.


You are invited to Homecoming 2015. Mark your calendars to join us in Montreal from Thursday, October 22 to Sunday, October 25. 

This is your chance to:

  • reconnect with friends
  • relive your student days
  • find out what's new at McGill Medicine
  • discover how alumni like you are making a huge difference

Get involved

To join your reunion class committee, sign up online or contact alumni [dot] medicine [at] mcgill [dot] ca or (514) 398-1207. Please consult the list below to see confirmed class representatives. 

You are also invited to nominate a classmate for one of three Medicine Alumni Global (MAG) Awards to be presented to MDCM alumni at Homecoming.

More details to follow

A tentative Schedule of Events is coming soon.

Class Committee Leaders
1945 Dr. Victor C. Goldbloom
1950 Dr. Marshall Trossman
1955 Dr. Arthur Leith
1960 Dr. David Murphy, Dr. Richard Gode, Dr. Bryce Weir, Dr. Blair Whittemore & Dr. Fred Wiegand
1965 Dr. Marvin Wexler, Dr. Douglas Craig & Dr. Peter L. Szego
1970 Dr. Gordon Crelinsten
1975 Dr. Gerald Fried, Dr. Sam Benaroya & Dr. Christine Rivet
1980 Dr. Leo Plouffe, Dr. Jacquetta Trasler & Dr. Jacques Genest
1985 Dr. Robert Primavesi, Dr. Helen Smeja & Dr. Susan Porter
1990 Dr. Nadine Liesegang, Dr. Shawn Aaron, Dr. Mary Hill, Dr. Michael Kapusta, Dr. John A. Robb, Dr. Avrum Soicher, Dr. Raman Tuli & Dr. Michael Vassilyadi
1995 Dr. Abdollah Behzadi, Dr. Neil Adhikari, Dr. Michelle Elizov, Dr. Mona Gupta, Dr. Jean François Légaré & Dr. Christine Meyers
2000 Dr. Gisele Li, Dr. Tamar Flanders
2005 Dr. Scott Owen
2010 Dr. Kate Amiel, Dr. Tania Azar & Dr. Emilie Trinh

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