University Advancement

Faculty of Medicine
McGill University
1010 Sherbrooke St. West, Suite 1210
Montreal, QC, Canada H3A 2R7

Staff contact list

Thomas, Chantal – Managing Director, Development 

514.398.6558 chantal.thomas3 [at] (chantal.thomas3)
Chudobiak, Anne – Communications Officer 514.398.1314 anne.chudobiak [at] (anne.chudobiak)
Vacant – Student Office Assistant 514.398.1086 alumni2.medicine [at] (alumni2.medicine)
Delacroix, Mercedes – Alumni Relations Officer


mercedes.delacroix [at] (mercedes.delacroix)

Vacant – Stewardship Officer


mark.hapanowicz [at] (mark.hapanowicz)

Kojtila, Joanne Marie – Administrative Coordinator


joanne.kojtila [at] (joanne.kojtila)

Lawrence, Jessie – Development Officer 514.398.2196 jessie.lawrence [at] (jessie.lawrence)
Liu, Cynthia – Advancement Associate 514.398.6044 cynthia.liu [at] (cynthia.liu)

Manchanda, Arnav – Advancement Manager


arnav.manchanda [at] (arnav.manchanda)

Jabeen, Amna – Administrative Coordinator 514.398.1299 alumni.medicine [at] (alumni.medicine)
Que, ManLi – Advancement Manager 514.398.5304 manli.que

Williams, Donna – Engagement Officer

514.398.1207 donna.williams [at] (donna.williams)
Sgherri, Christine – Conference and Events Coordinator 514.398.1086 [at] (specialevent) [at] (.med)