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Strategic Planning

In 2008, the McGill Faculty of Medicine launched a major strategic planning initiative in support of its undergraduate medical education (MDCM) program, its research activities and its professorial lifecycle. The reflection, consultation and redesign process – coined Think Dangerously – was extensive, spanning several years and capturing input from across the Faculty, as well as from the affiliated hospital network and an external advisory committee.

The new MDCM program, called Patient at heart, Science in hand, as well as a new Strategic Research Plan developed jointly by the Faculties of Medicine and Dentistry, are two outcomes of this process.

The MDCM program redesign coincided with a similar exercise conducted by the Association of Faculties of Medicine (AFMC), the outcome of which was the report: The Future of Medical Education in Canada. The AFMC went on to publish recommendations with respect to postgraduate medical education, an initiative in which McGill played a leading role, referred to as The Postgraduate Project.