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Specimen 23

Femur. Stump showing a sequestrum partly covered by a conical involucrum.

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The tibia were fibula were fractured around the knee joint by a rifle ball on November 28, 1863. The patient was admitted to the hospital December 4 and amputation was performed December 15. He died January 6, 1864.

Specimen 25

Tibia/Fibula. Lower leg amputation.

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Ankle was fractured at Cold Harbour on June 3, 1864. The patient was admitted to the hospital June 7 and an amputation was performed June 9. He died July 10 from "exhaustion".


The Maude Abbott Medical Museum

The Museum originated in the early 1820s as a collection of specimens derived from autopsies performed by physicians associated with the McGill Medical School. Its early facilities were modest.  For example, between 1841 and 1845, the Faculty occupied a warehouse like building which contained only "a small bit of a room for pathological preparations, of which there were very few, preserved in weak pyrolignous acid in square colored bottles closed by cork bungs...".


Photos by Pedro Pires.

Specimen 1
Gunshot fracture of femur, Petersburg, July 30, 1864.
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The Army Medical Museum

The 'Old Red Brick' Army Medical Museum and Library, Washington, D. C. - U. S. - National Library of Medicine