Class of 2017

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Class of 2017
Language(s): English, French, Urdu, Hindi, Spanish
Education: DEC Health Science (Marianopolis, 2008); B.Sc. Anatomy & Cell Biology (McGill, 2013)
Home Town: Montreal, Québec
Mini-Bio: I was born and raised in Quebec and am of Pakistani descent. I work part time at Apple as a technician. I enjoy exercising in my free time, and used to instruct a Bollywood Cardio class. I have traveled to many countries including Japan, Taiwan, Denmark, England, and Pakistan. My interest in pursuing a career in Medicine at McGill began in grade 10 when I had the opportunity to job shadow a physician for a day.


Class of 2017
Language(s): English, French
Education: B.Sc. Biology (Concordia, 2013), Certificate in Arts & Science (Concordia, 2011), Independent research, NSERC-USRA & Granby Zoo collaboration (Concordia, 2012) 
Home Town: Joliette, Québec
Mini-Bio: I grew up in a French-speaking rural community where I spent summers fishing in the river, and winters building snow forts. School wasn't something that I enjoyed before turning the age of 25, when I decided to become a doctor – now thriving through and beyond higher education. Before my medical journey, I was a flight attendant for several years based out of Toronto, and I travelled the world including places such as Afghanistan, Guatemala, Asia, and all 10 Canadian provinces. I felt I could be myself at McGill, and this is why I entered medicine at McGill.



Class of 2017
Language(s):English, Creole, French, Spanish
Education: B.Sc Psychology, Concordia University; MSc at Newcastle (UK)
Home Town: St.John's, Antigua
Mini-Bio: Born in Antigua, I arrived in Montreal focused on pursuing medicine. Although academia has always been at the forefront, I believe that for full self-actualization, it is important to add texture and variety to your lifestyle. As such, I extracted every opportunity during my journey into medicine. This led me to live in Ecuador and the United Kingdom, study several languages and travel around Europe during my master’s. I am particularly interested in pursing obstetrics and gynecology with an interest specific to reproductive endocrinology and infertility. Studying medicine at McGill provides me with the opportunity to translate my curiosity of the biological into impactful solutions that intimately affect the wellbeing of individuals.



Class of 2017
Language(s): English, French, Italian
Education History: DEC Health Science (Dawson College, 2009), B.Sc. Anatomy and Cell Biology (McGill University, 2013) 
Home Town: Montreal, Québec
Mini-Bio: In my spare time, I enjoy taking advantage of the wonderful nightlife Montreal has to offer and keeping up with my various extracurricular activities. I was born and raised in Montreal, and let me tell you, there is always something to do or see here! McGill is recognized all over the world for a reason: you are assured a stellar education, an exciting student life, and a faculty of staff members who respond to student needs in ways I have not seen anywhere else. Coming to McGill has been one of my best decisions. 

Tianwei (Ellen) 

Class of 2017 (MDCM & PhD)
Languages: English, Cantonese, Mandarin, rudimentary French and Nepali
Education: B.Sc. Biochemistry in McGill (2009); Ph.D. Pharmacology and Therapeutics in McGill (thesis topic on neonatal eye disease)
Home town: Guang Zhou, China
Mini-Bio: I decided to become a physician after experiencing SARS epidemic in my hometown. I enjoy badminton, photography and mountain climbing. In 2011, I went to Nepal and Tibet as a volunteer, experienced different cultures (eg: sitting on a bus roof with goats) and captured thousands of images of the eerie Himalayas. I love research and see it an indispensable component of my medical career.



Class of 2017
Languages: English, Urdu, Hindi, Basic French
Education: B.Sc. Neuroscience in McGill (2013)
Home town: All over the place!
Mini-Bio: My life story is pretty interesting. I’m really glad you asked me where I’m from, because whenever I’m asked that question, I have absolutely no idea what to say. I was born in Saudi Arabia, grew up in London, UK, did high school in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, and came to McGill afterwards for my BSc and Med School. My parents now live in Fredericton, New Brunswick. When I’m not busy packing away my things and moving to yet another new province / country, I enjoy biking, cooking, and hanging out with my friends. This year, I was President of my class and feel truly lucky to be a part of the McGill Medical community. I originally chose Medicine because of my fascination with the human brain, the ability to work with people from diverse and varied backgrounds like mine, and my strong desire to make a difference in my community. If you have any questions about McGill, please get in touch with me! 


Class of 2017
Languages: English, French
Education: DEC Honours Science (John Abbott, 2012)
Home town: Montreal, Québec
Mini-Bio: My nickname is Slim. I grew up in the west island of Montreal. My main hobbies including sports and logic puzzles. Before entering Medical School, I competed on the Varsity Alpine skiing team and now compete in triathlons. My favorite type of music is country music and I am really interested in medical education and training. I chose to enter medicine because it is the only vocation that would allow me to combine my intellectual curiosity and desire to help people.