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Class of 2016

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Class of 2016
Language(s): French, English, Arabic
Education History: French Baccalaureate, College Stanislas de Montreal
Home Town: Montreal, Québec
Mini-Bio: Summer research student at the Jewish General Hospital, interested in public health. A passionate Karateka and karate teacher. Has organized several talent/fashion shows to raise funds for the children’s right to education around the world.



Class of 2016
Language(s): English, French
Education History: BA French Studies, Minors in Bio and Chem, Duke University
Home Town: Dover, Massachusetts, USA
Mini-Bio: The desire to become a physician has been reinforced throughout my life as I volunteered in hospital and helped family members through illness. Books have always been one of my biggest passions.



Class of 2016
Language(s): English, French, Farsi
Education History:   B.Sc Honours Psychology, York University
Home Town: Toronto, Ontario
Mini-Bio: The social and political aspects of medicine interest me. I founded a community youth group in my neighborhood. I enjoy graphic design, reading about big and very small things, namely space and quantum physics. 



Class of 2016
Language(s): French, English
Education History: DEC Health Science, Jean de Brébeuf, B.Sc Neuroscience, minor in Biology, McGill University
Home Town: Montreal, Québec
Mini-Bio: I had the chance to travel to Europe and south America extensively. I love exploring other culture and spending time with friends. I bike in the summer and snowboard in the winter. Medicine satisfies both my need to help people and my intellectual curiosity for science.


Class of 2016
Languages: French, English, rudimentary German and novice Japanese
Education: DEC Health Science (André-Grasset, 2011), IFMSA research exchange Hyogo College of Medicine (Japan)
Home town: Montreal, born and raised.
Mini-Bio: I’ve taken part in numerous trivia competitions all over Quebec since the age of 10, winning several, and became an administrator of a provincial trivia league. Interested in student governance and currently serves as Executive President of the Medical Students' Society at McGill. My decision to come to McGill was heavily influenced by the first-year anatomy program and the numerous travelling opportunities offered by the Faculty of Medicine.


Class of 2016
Language(s): English (fluent), French, Tagalog, Urdu, Hindi
Education: B.Sc. (Honours) Biochemistry (U. Sask); A.E.C. technicien ambulancier paramédic (Collège Ahuntsic); PhD. Biochemistry (McGill)
Home town: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Mini-Bio: Born and raised in the Prairies, I always wanted to become a physician, but my path to medical school has taken a few turns, including: training as a structural biologist, and working as an allied health care professional for the federal government.  I am passionate about global health and have experience working with underserved populations in Southwest Asia. I play piano and partake in adventure sports like motorcycling, and occasionally, jumping out of airplanes.



Class of 2016
Language(s): English, French, Hebrew, Spanish
Education History: DEC Health Science (Dawson College, 2009); B.Sc. Neuroscience (McGill University, 2012)
Home Town: Montreal, Québec
Mini-Bio: I grew up, and have lived in Montreal all my life. I have been playing hockey since the age of 4 and currently play on the McGill medicine intramural team. I have represented McGill at two successive Docs On Ice tournaments with close to 1000 physicians participating. I listen to indie-rock music, and I prefer comedy movies. My 5 years of experience volunteering with a first responder service showed me how I could tangibly make a difference in peoples’ lives. This experience, and a longstanding passion for biological sciences influenced my decision to pursue a career in medicine. 


Class of 2016
Language(s): English, French, Korean and basic German and Spanish
Education History: DEC Health Science (Marianopolis, 2007); B.Sc. (Honours) Microbiology and Immunology (McGill, 2010); M.Sc. Microbiology and Immunology (McGill, 2012).
Home Town: Seoul, South Korea
Mini-Bio: I was born in Seoul, and grew up in Montreal, where I developed a keen interest in learning new languages and discovering different cultures. I have been playing the clarinet since the age of 9 and still enjoy performing classical music. I chose to enter medicine at McGill because of its richness in student diversity. Moreover, the numerous student organizations help you integrate easily into the community. 


Class of 2016
Language(s): English, French
Education History: DEC Arts and Science (Marianopolis College, 2009); B.HSc. (Honours) Health Sciences (U. Ottawa, 2012)
Home Town: Montreal, Québec
Mini-Bio: I grew up in the West Island of Montreal and moved to Ottawa to complete my undergrad. I have an interest in theatre and music, having performed for many crowds since high school in various musicals and vocal competitions. I am an outgoing, sociable individual with a passion for learning. Even more importantly, knowing that every day I will be interacting with patients and co-workers, and growing, both intellectually and personally, truly is a dream come true.



Class of 2016
Language(s): English, French
Education History: DEC Honours Science (John Abbott College, 2007), B.Sc.N. Nursing (McGill University, 2012)
Home Town: Riguad, Québec,
Mini-Bio: I play soccer, love music and going to the movies when I have a chance! I currently live in Saint-Lazare, Québec, where I commute for my Med-3 Clerkship rotations. I have always had a fascination with physiology and medicine, and a strong desire to help others. It was a long-time dream of mine to be a doctor, and being here now is an amazing feeling.