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The Widening Participation Committee

“Widening participation” refers to the strategies and programs of the Faculty of Medicine’s Admissions Office in regard to diversity and equity. The Widening Participation Committee, reporting to the Admissions Executive Committee, was constituted in 2009 in order to guide the Office of Admissions in its targeted recruitment and outreach activities as well as to aid in the stewarding of community partnerships.

The Committee’s mandate is:

  • To review and monitor available medical student diversity data
  • To develop and oversee recruitment activities for students from underrepresented communities at McGill in partnership with those communities and
  • To monitor the impact of these activities on recruitment to medicine and to the communities they are intended to serve

The members of the Widening Participation Committee are:

  • Dr. Jae-Marie Ferdinand, Chair (Faculty of Medicine)
  • Ms. Charmaine Lyn (Director of Admissions, ex officio)
  • Ms. Doulia Hamad (Executive President, Medical Students' Society, ex officio)
  • Student representative - Community Outreach Projects (Rotating, ex officio)
  • Dr. Christophe Bedos (Faculty of Dentistry)
  • Professor Madeleine Buck (Ingram School of Nursing)
  • Dr. Carl Ernst (Faculty of Medicine)
  • Mr. Denburk Reid (Montreal Community Cares Foundation, Community Representative)
  • Dr. Caroline Storr (School of Physical and Occupational Therapy representative)
  • Ms. Sophie Vaillancourt (School of Communication Sciences and Disorders)
  • Ms. Jessica Barudin (Cedar and Gold, Community Representative)