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Information Technology & Computer Skills Requirements

In an effort to provide a paperless program, the curriculum is presented via electronic means and students will have the option to print the information themselves or use their own information technology (IT) resources.  Therefore, admitted students are expected to have, or have frequent and regular access to, a personal computer with word processing/office suite software, with web browser

Language Proficiency

Language policy

Application materials may be submitted and interviews are offered in both English and French.

Academic Standards and Essential Skills

Applicants to McGill University's Faculty of Medicine are evaluated and selected on the basis of academic, personal, and extracurricular dimensions. The Faculty admits those candidates who best demonstrate the potential to become excellent physicians.

Medical College Admissions Test® (MCAT®)

What is the MCAT®?

The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is owned and operated by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC).  For information on the test, including testing dates, locations, and preparation materials, consult the AAMC's website below.  Note that the MCAT may be required, optional or not applicable depending on your applicant c

Basic Science Prerequisites

Applicants are required to have completed (with official grades submitted) all of the basic science pre-requisite course work (at the college or university-level) by January 15 of the year they will start their medical studies.