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Additional information for prospective international resident applicants

Residency/Fellowship Programs

Students should know that acceptance into residency programs of any Canadian province is governed by province-specific rules and regulations.

At the present time, international students (other than US citizens) wishing to pursue residency training in the United States of America should be aware that the appropriate route to do so is the J-1 Visa.

International residents with an undergraduate degree

Category Code: MD-INTL

Eligibility (Summary)

An applicant is eligible to apply as a member of this category if he or she (a) requires a permit to study in Canada (not as a Canadian citizen or permanent resident), (b) will have, before July 31 of the entering year, an undergraduate (Bachelor's) degree for admission as per the Degree requirements(c) has written an MCAT in the last 5 years with results available before the