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Research Appendix for M.D.,C.M. & Ph.D. Applicants

Document Code = RSPN


Applicants to the MDCM&PhD program are required to submit an single document that will serve as appendix to the CVPN document, which consists of both:

Curriculum Vitae, Personal Narrative, List of Verifiers

Document Codes = CVPN and VERL

Applicants are required to submit a Curriculum vitae and Personal Narrative (CVPN) and a List of Verifiers (VERL) who can attest to the veracity of the entries in the CV. 

Instructions for the CVPN and VERL can be downloaded here: 

Academic Records from Institutions of Higher-Learning (e.g., transcripts)

Academic records from every post-secondary institution (including exchange or study-abroad sessions) are required as part of the supporting documents of your application.  Unofficial copies can be uploaded via your Minerva account (see below).  Official copies need only to be sent if requested.  The list of institutions that appear on your checklist are populated by the name of institutions in your application (step 1).  Be sure to indicate all institutions attended.

Basic Science Prerequisites

Applicants are required to have finished a majority of their basic science prerequisites (including labs) at the time of application.  All of the basic science pre-requisites (at the college or university-level) must be completed by January 15 of the year they will start their medical studies.

Non-Traditional Pathway Applicants who are Residents of Québec

Category Code = MD-ROQ-N

Eligibility requirements

Applicants must meet the following criteria in order to apply to the Non-Traditional Pathway: