The Sport-Études form

Document Code = SPOR

N.B. The following only applies to CEGEP students who are applying to the Med-P program and who have an irregular cégep academic record because of their involvment in sports & academics (Sport-Études)


Print or fill-in the PDF form below with all of the requested information.  Have it signed by both you (the applicant) and your coach or sports club representative to attest to the marked sections.

FORM PDF icon Sport-Etudes Form_Eng  [PDF] (Form Version 2.0)


Before submitting the completed form, please inform the admissions office in order to have this element added to your application checklist for consideration.  Once entered, you can upload your final version of this PDF to your application using the Applicant menu in your Minerva account.  For instructions on how to upload documents, refer to Uploading your documents.  It is recommended that you rename the file by replacing "mcgill" with your McGill ID number and "aedmed" with your name.  For example: 260999876-SMITH-Kelly-spor-form-v2-0.pdf