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University Services at McGill

University Services provides infrastructure services to the McGill community.

  • Facilities Operations' maintains building operations and ensures that all of McGill's hydro needs are well served.
  • Ancillary Services provide the University's commercial and certain support service operations ;
  • University Safety provides educational, technical, advisory and operational support to protect the environment and promote a safe and healthy workplace.

Facilities Operations

Facilities Work Order Request

Faculty of Medicine - Requests for change in space or infrastructure needs for teaching or research

1) For CFI applications for Affiliated Hospitals please contact your local Hospital/Institute Technical Services for instructions and use the form Affiliates_CFI_Research_Equip_Space_Needs_Assess_Form[.doc]. 

Please consult with your Hospital/Institute Technical Services contact for help in completing this form and be sure to provide them with a completed and duly signed copy. Your Technical Services contact can verify (with the aid of this form) whether renovations are needed or not and if needed, can help you obtain the necessary estimate.

The Director of the Institute along with the Department Chair, must sign off on the completed form confirming that the space, as required, is approved and available.

Copies of the completed form should be submitted to:

  1. Office of Sponsored Research, specifically to the Institutional Strategic Initiatives (OSR ISF team)
  2. Christian Ilantzis (christian [dot] ilantzis [at] mcgill [dot] ca) in the Faculty “Research” office, room 637 McIntyre Medical Building

The Technical Services contact person for the Douglas Institute’s Research Centre is:

Ronald Sehn
Directeur des services techniques

Direction des services techniques et de l'immobilier
Pavillon Dobell [B-0112]
6875 boul. LaSalle,
Montréal (Québec) H4H 1R3

T: 514 761-6131, poste: 2713
B: 514 567-3313
F: 514 762-3038

ronald [dot] sehn [at] douglas [dot] mcgill [dot] ca

The Technical Services contact persons for the Jewish General Hospital are:

Georges Bendavid and/or Kotiel Berdugo at (514) 340-8222 x5670.

The Technical Services contact person for the MUHC is:

Susan James, MBA
CFI Project Manager
Ext. 71562
susan [dot] james [at] mail [dot] mcgill [dot] ca

2) For ALL Campus based Faculty of Medicine requests for a change in teaching or research space or infrastructure needs the Campus_Space_Request_form[.doc] form, and if new equipment is to be housed (e.g. for a CFI application), the  Campus_Equip_Space_Needs_Assess_Form_Medicine[.doc] form, must be completed as appropriate and submitted to Christian Ilantzis (christian [dot] ilantzis [at] mcgill [dot] ca) in the Faculty “Research” office, room 637 McIntyre Medical Building.

For CFI applications (LOF, LEF or NIF), once the Dean’s (or delegate’s) signature has been secured the Campus_Equip_Space_Needs_Assess_Form_Medicine[.doc] form is to be forwarded to the Instituional Strategic Initiatives (OSR ISF) team

3) For MNI space, please follow the instructions outlined in 1) above and use the
MNI Campus _Equip_Space_Needs_Assess_Form[.doc] form.