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Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) Study




Information for Potential Participants

We are currently recruiting healthy MEN aged 19-53 for a nutritional supplement study. This clinical trial is looking to see if CLA reduces parathyroid hormone which may improve bone health.

What is CLA and why are we doing this study?

- CLA is naturally found in mainly in milk and beef
- CLA is available over the counter as a supplement
- CLA has been shown to be beneficial against certain chronic diseases such as cancer and obesity
- For this study we want to see if CLA can improve bone health
- Learn more about CLA:
CLA in Human Health [.pdf]
Weiler et al. 2008 [.pdf]

Who can participate?

- Healthy men 19 to 53 y of age
- Healthy Body Mass Index (BMI)
- No chronic diseases
BMI chart small
Click on chart to determine if you have a healthy BMI

What is involved?

- Read and sign the consent form
CLA English consent form [.doc]
CLA French consent form [.doc]

- Measure height, weight and waist circumference
- Meet with registered dietitian and fill out food frequency questionnaire
- Perform DXA scan to measure body composition (bone density, fat%, muscle%)
- Meet with registered nurse for blood sample to assess vitamin D status
- Meet with physician for health assessment and medical screening

Once accepted in the study:
After screening you attend 5 morning fasted visits:
2.Month 1
3.Month 2
4.Month 3
5.Month 4
- You are given the CLA or placebo supplements, you take 3 gelcaps with lunch and 3 with supper for a duration of 4 month
- We measure height, weight, waist circumference, blood pressure and heart rate
- You meet with a registered dietitian to fill out a 24h food recall
- You meet with a registered nurse for a blood samples
- You perform a DXA scan (only at the last visit)

What is in it for you?

Obtain 100$ total (20$/study visit(5)) (screening visits (2) not included)
Free continental breakfast with each visit
Free diet evaluation
Free body composition analysis
Free health assessment by medical doctor

Information for potential participants

If you are interested in participating in this exciting study, please see the following documents or contact Jason DeGuire or Catherine Vanstone for more information.

Research Team

Clinical research coordinator:
Catherine Vanstone RN (OIIQ), MSc

Principal investigators:
Dr H. Weiler, RD (CDO), PhD
Dr. Gustavo Duque, MD, PhD

Graduate student:
Jason DeGuire MSc, PhD (Candidate)
e-mail: jason [dot] deguire [at] mail [dot] mcgill [dot] ca