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Mary Emily Clinical Nutrition Research Unit


Studies currently being conducted (2014-2015)


1. "FAMILY Study"

A study to improve bone health in 14-18 year olds by increasing milk and milk-product intake.

**Recruiting NOW!!**

For more information  Download mcgill-familystudy.jpg (2.53 MB)

email: growstrongbones [at] gmail [dot] com

phone: 514-398-7527




2. "D-KIDS Study PHASE 2"

How much vitamin D is needed in milk products to support vitamin D intake and bone health in children? 

**This study is taking place now**

For more information 

email: catherine [dot] vanstone [at] mcgill [dot] ca

phone: 514-398-7527 



Other Montreal research projects going on NOW

which might interest you...

"Researchers at the McGill University Health Centre are conducting a study

designed to address recent conflicting reports regarding the safety of calcium



You may be eligible to participate if you:

  • are a healthy postmenopausal woman,

  • are over the age of 50,

  • are a non-smoker,

  • are not taking medication for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or the management of osteoporosis.


As a study participant you may be required to alter the amount of calcium in your diet

and take both daily calcium and vitamin D supplements for the period of 1 year.


Study participants will receive all study supplements at no cost and will be compensated

for parking at the Montreal General Hospital.


For more information or to assess your eligibility for the study please contact the study coordinator

at 514-934-1934 ext. 45742 or calcium [dot] medicine [at] mcgill [dot] ca."





Previous studies conducted at our clinic


MYLIFE Study for 6-12 year old overweight and obese children

*Recruitment COMPLETED*
For more information please click here.


Vitamin D2 versus Vitamin D3 Study for Newborns and Their Mothers
Recruitment Closed
For more information please click here.

Vitamin D Status of Young Children from the Montreal Region
Recruitment Closed
For more information please click here.

Vitamin D Dose Response Study for Babies
Recruitment Closed
For more information please click here.

CLA Study for Men Aged 19-53 years old
Recruitment Closed
For more information please click here.



History of the unit

The Mary Emily Clinical Nutrition Research Unit was established in 1995. Through the generous support of G. Stewart Brown, long time friend and benefactor of McGill University, this turn of the century home, the Walter and May Stewart house, has been restored and renovated. The 5000 sq ft. facility now houses state-of-the-art bone testing and anthropometric equipment, laboratory facilities for the collection and sampling of blood, kitchen and dining facility for dietary studies and comfortable meeting spaces for faculty and staff. Despite the clinical nature of the facility, the décor and design still hold true to the time period in which it’s built, making it a warm and welcoming facility for study participants.


  • Controlled Feeding Trials
  • Tissue Sampling
  • Anthropometry
  • Body Composition and Bone Analysis
  • Energy Expenditure Determination
  • Survey and Questionnaire Administration


Dr. Hope Weiler, RD, PhD

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