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Mech Lab

The purpose of Mech. Lab I is to expose students to experimental equipment, data collection, and reporting which would support the theoretical background obtained in the following courses:

Thermodynamics I (MECH-240)

McGill Univ-Mechanical Eng.

McGill Univ-Mechanical Eng.

McGill Univ-Mechanical Eng.




Dynamics of Vibrations (MECH-315)





Fluid Mechanics (MECH-331)






Heat Transfer I (MECH-346)





Please refer to the online University Calendar for course descriptions.

Academic Supervisors:

andrew [dot] higgins [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Andrew Higgins)

Lab Supervisors:

gary [dot] savard [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Gary Savard) (Lab Superintendent)
John Boisvert (Technician)
Raymond Lemay (Technician)
Dan Ringuette (Technician)

Also for registered students see the Web CT (Course Tools).