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Stream B: Mechanical Engineering Regular Program

This stream is for NON-CEGEP (Out-of Province) students.

       See Course Calendars for course descriptions.

    Note: Students who entered the Mechanical Engineering Program in 2008 or earlier may see streams A, B and C in the Undergraduate Curriculum 2008-09 [.pdf]. Students who entered the Mechanical Engineering Program in September 2009, may see Streams A, B and C in the Undergraduate Curriculum 2009-10 [.pdf].

    MECH 362 Mechanical Laboratory (Mech Lab):

    This course consists of a set of experiments that support the theoretical background covered in the following courses:

    MECH 240 Thermodynamics

    MECH 315 Vibrations

    MECH 331 Fluid Mechanics 1

    MECH 346 Heat Transfer.

    Students should sign up (without registration on Minerva) in teams of two students to do experiments in one or more areas the term following the completion of one or more of the above courses. Thus, this course should be completed over several semesters. Students will not formally register for this course on Minerva until the semester in which they will sign up for their last topic(s) to complete a total of eight experiments (two experiments per course).

    Information concerning how this course is being offered (including signing up procedure) is available here.