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The CFD Lab is active on international scale in the development of practical Computational Fluid Dynamics methods and their application to the understanding of aerodynamic and flow-based engineering processes.

The research is in the areas of physical modeling, high-accuracy numerical algorithms, iterative linear equation solvers, large-scale problem acceleration methods such as parallelism, algebraic multigrid, problem decomposition and grid optimization.

Applications include steady and unsteady high-speed flows over aircraft and in gas turbines and multidisciplinary applications such as aero-numerics (mesh optimization), aero-elasticity, aero-acoustics, aero-icing and conjugate heat transfer.

The CFD Lab's focus remains on three-dimensional realistic problems and this has given it a strong tradition of collaboration with the aerospace industry, locally and internationally.

Specifically, the CFD Lab's algorithmic research areas include:

  • Finite element methods for subsonic, transonic, supersonic and hypersonic flows, and for acoustics;
  • pict1
  • Discretization algorithms with minimum artificial viscosity;
  • Finite element methods for subsonic, transonic, supersonic and hypersonic flows, and for acoustic
  • Mesh optimization methodology;
  • Large-scale direct methods and preconditioned iterative linear equations solvers;
  • Parallel computing methods on shared memory machines and distributed memory clusters.

The CFD Lab's modeling research areas include:

  • Modeling of all aspects of in-flight icing on aircraft and engines;
  • pic3
  • Modeling of multidisciplinary problems: aero-elasticity, aero-acoustics, aero-icing;
  • pic4
  • Modeling of unsteady rotor-stator interaction effects in turbomachines.

The CFD Lab's application areas include, among many others:

  • High-speed flows over aircraft or in gas turbines;
  • Ice impingement, accretion and aerodynamic performance degradation;
  • Conjugate heat transfer in cooled turbine blades and anti-, de-icing piccolo tubes;
  • Multistage gas turbines;
  • pic5 pic6

Research group

Dr. Wagdi G. Habashi (Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, Cornell), Director. NSERC-J.-Armand Bombardier Industrial Research Chair of Interdisciplinary CFD. CFD, Aero-icing, Aero-elasticity, Aero-acoustics, Wind Engineering.

Graduate students, with origin and destination

(CFDL=CFD Lab, BA=Bombardier Aerospace, NTI= Newmerical Technologies International, PWC=Pratt & Whitney Canada, RN=Real Numerix)

Current graduate students

Name Year Graduating Degree Topic Origin /Destination
D. Zapetelli 2009 Masters Legal Aspects Aircraft Accidents Waterloo
M. Najafiyazdi 2009 PhD Unsteady Mesh Optimization Sharif U. (Iran)
A. Borna ) 2009 PhD Galloping due to Icing on Electrical Equipment Sharif U. (Iran)
M.Pourbagian 2009 PhD Anti-icing Systems Optimization 2 IUST (Iran)
H.Fouladi 2009 PhD Helicopter icing Tehran (Iran)
K.Hooman 2009 PhD Fluid/structure interaction of cablles Tehran (Iran)
R.Khurram 2009- Post-Doc Computational Wind Engineering UIUC (USA)
M. Fossati 2009- Post-Doc Reduced Order Modeling Politecnico di Milano (Italy)

Graduated students

Name Year Graduating Degree Topic Origin /Destination
S. Hashim 1987 Masters Potential Flow Methods CU / CFDL / CNRC
V. Tata 1988 Masters Compressible Flow Methods CU / CFDL / Bombardier
G. Guèvremont 1991 Masters Stream-function Vorticity Method CU / CFDL / PWC
G. Baruzzi 1991 Masters Euler Equations CU / CFDL / NTI
B. Nguyen 1992 Masters Turbomachinery Through-flow CU / CFDL / PWC / Honeywell (USA)
D. Moutis 1992 Masters Compressible S-V Method CU / CFDL/ PWC
B. Sotirakos 1993 Masters GMRES Solution of S-V Method CU / CFDL / Consultant (USA)
G. Hotte 1993 Masters Through-flow Turbo Solutions CU / CFDL/ PWC
B. Lozier 1993 Masters Gas Turbine Performance France / CFDL / France
G. Guèvremont 1994 PhD Vorticity-based FEM Formulations CU / CFDL / PWC
G. Baruzzi * 1995 PhD High-accuracy Transonic FEM CU / CFDL / N
M. Chaaban 1995 PhD Heat Transfer in Hydro Cables École / CFDL / Hydro-Québec
M. Aubé 1996 Masters Structured Mesh Adaption U de M / CFDL / U. Brussels (PhD) / NTI
G. Houzeaux 1996 Masters Turbulence Modeling U de M / CFDL / Barcelona (Prof.)
F. Taghaddosi 1996 Masters Least-sqaures FEM U. Tabriz / CFDL / Wichita State / CFDL
F. Taghaddosi 1996 Masters Least-squares FEM U. Tabriz / Wichita State / CFDL
M. Sleiman 1996 Masters Unsteady Navier - Stokes CU / CFDL / PWC
I. Akel 1999 Masters CFD-based Turbine Correlations CFDL / NTI / Bombardier
Z. Boutanios 1999 Masters Aero-Icing, Aircraft APS / CFDL / NTI / Delft U.
G. Guévremont 1994 PhD Vorticity-based FEM Formulations CU / CFDL / PWC