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Research Projects

My research is supported by NSERC, FQRNT and industrial research contracts. Some of this research is collaborative, with Professors M. Amabili, L. Mongeau, A.K. Misra, S. Vengallatore and Ch. Semler of McGill University, Prof. A.A. Lakis of Ecole Polytechnique, Montreal; and other colleagues in the past.

Some research projects are partly theoretical (computational or analytical) and partly experimental. A list with brief description follows.

Nonlinear and chaotic dynamics of pipes conveying fluid

This new paradigm in dynamics is investigated in various ways, with added springs and masses, 2-D or 3-D motions, theoretically and experimentally. The objective is to bring to light and develop nonlinear dynamics theory (centre manifold, averaging, bifurcation theory) and verify it experimentally using this as a simple example of nonconservative, gyroscopic systems. The dynamics of aspirating pipes is studied via fully-coupled CFD-CSM analysis. Applications range from ocean and solution mining to MEMS-nanotechnology microcantilevers for biomolecular detection.

Nonlinear dynamics of cylinders in axial flow

The objective is to study theoretically and experimentally the nonlinear dynamics in continuously flexible and articulated cylinder systems in axial flow, including towed systems. Some work has already been done, and more is vigorously been pursued. Applications in this case range from towed acoustic arrays for oil/gas exploration to vibrations of internal structures in power generating equipment, including nuclear reactor internals.

Annular flow fluidelastic analyses

Cylinders in annular flow are notoriously prone to static and dynamic instabilities. This project aims at (i) developing efficient CFD tools for predicting the unsteady flow field associated with a vibrating nonuniform cylinder in flow, (ii) testing the theory experimentally (pressure field measurements) and (iii) measuring the critical conditions for instability. Examples of such systems may be found in nuclear reactor cores, valves in piping, high-speed trains in tunnels, oil and gas drilling and production systems, wire coating and fibre spinning.

Shells in axial and annular flows

This project is similar to the previous one, but instead of rigid or flexible cylinders we are now dealing with coaxial shells. In particular, the nonlinear dynamics of shells containing flowing fluid is being investigated, both theoretically and experimentally. Such structures may be found in aircraft engines.

Wave propagation in fluid-conveying conduits

The wave propagation in fluid-filled and fluid-conveying pipes and shells is investigated analytically, by CFD-CSM techniques, and experimentally. The application is noise abatement in fluid-conveying thin-walled conduits.

Dynamics of plates in axial flow

The nonlinear stability of thin plates and panels in axial subsonic flow is investigated anew by means of the modern computational and analytical tools. Applications range from energy harvesting systems to panels used in aircraft and missile skins.

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