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Damiano Pasini


Associate Professor

Ph.D. University of Bristol

Laurea Pavia University (M.Eng. Civil Engineering)

Laurea Pavia University (M.Eng. Architectural Engineering)

Macdonald Engineering Building, Rm 372 Map

External Website

514-398-6295 [office]

514-398-7365 [Fax]

damiano [dot] pasini [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Email)

Research Interests

Primary Research Theme: Materials and Structures
Secondary Research Theme:  Bioengineering, Design and Manufacturing
Research Group/Lab : Multi-scale Mechanics and Design Optimization Lab

We are interested in the micromechanics of hybrid materials, which are combinations of one material and space (e.g. foams and lattices),  or of at least two monolithic materials (e.g. composites and several biological materials). We aim at predicting their macroscopic behavior from an understanding of their microstructure.

The main research trust is to develop structures with controlled micro-architecture, where materials and/or space are optimally structured at the microscale to obtain unprecedented physical properties at the macroscale. Our work finds a balance between fundamental and applied research, where Nature is often our object and source of inspiration.

Current projects stem mainly from biomedical and aerospace applications, besides from interdisciplinary collaborations with biology and architecture. Our expertise integrates multiscale mechanics and biomechanics, besides optimal design and biomimetics.

Current Research Projects

  • Constitutive models of lattice materials and characterization of their multifunctional properties
  • Development of orthopedic implants with controlled material microarchitecture
  • Structure and formation of compliant cellular materials via plant biomimetics
  • Synthesis and optimization of fatigue resistant planar lattices for stent-like structures
  • Multiobjective optimization of variable stiffness composite structures manufactured by Automated Fiber Placement Technology

Most Significant Publications

  • Vigliotti A., Pasini, D., Stiffness and Strength of Tridimensional Periodic Lattices, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, Vol. 229-232, pp. 27-43, 2012.
  • Khalil Abad, E.M., Pasini, D., Cecere, R., Shape Optimization of stress concentration-free lattice for self-expandable Nitinol stent-grafts, Journal of Biomechanics, vol 45, pp. 1028-1035, 2012.
  • Khanoki Sajad A., Pasini, D., Multiscale Design and Multiobjective Optimization of Orthopaedic Hip Implants with Functionally Graded Cellular Microstructure, ASME Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, vol 134(3), pp. 031004: 1-10, 2012.
  • Murugesan, Y. K., Pasini, D., and Rey, A. D., Microfibril Organization Modes in Plant Cell Walls of Variable Curvature: A Model System for Two Dimensional Anisotropic Soft Matter, Soft Matter, Soft Matter, 7 (15), 7078 - 7093, 2011.
  • Ghiasi, H., Pasini, D., Lessard, L, A Non–dominated Sorting Hybrid Algorithm for Multiobjective Optimization of Engineering problems, Journal of Engineering Optimization, vol. 42 (11) pp. 1-12, 2010.


MECH 463: Mechanical Engineering Project
MECH 548 Cellular Matls:Natl&Eng Struct

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