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Industry Partners

This masters program is supported actively by all Quebec aerospace companies. The participating industries identify the projects for the internship, provide salary support and supervision during the internship, furnish resources for case study courses and collaborate with the universities to set up specialty courses in fields of their future needs.

Case Studies


Winter McGill - Rolls-Royce Canada Canada
ETS - EMS Technologies
Summer Polytechnique - Thales Avionics Canada
Fall Concordia - CAE Electronics
McGill - Honeywell Aerospace


Winter Concordia - Bombardier Aeronautics

Doctoral Program


While the duration of this program is dependent on the nature of the research project and the capabilities of the candidate, the minimum is two years study beyond the M.Eng. degree. Within twelve months of starting a Ph.D., the candidate is required to present his/her proposed research program for review by a faculty committee in a Preliminary Ph.D. Oral Examination. A defence of the Ph.D. thesis concludes the doctoral research.

Non-degree Status

Special students are those who are enrolled in graduate level courses without being enrolled in a degree program. Special Students are limited to a maximum of two courses per term (6 credits), with a cumulative maximum of twelve credits.

MEng (non-Thesis)

The length of study for full-time students is approximately eighteen (18) months for any of the Master's degree options. The time limit to complete a Master's degree is 3 years (full time) and 5 years part time. The MEng (Thesis) program is only available on a full-time basis.

Financial Information

Tuition Fees

See webpage of Student Account Office for updates on Graduate studies fee.

Other Costs

As each student’s circumstances and expectations are unique, it is difficult for the department to be specific about cost estimates. However, the figures below should give you some idea of a reasonable budget. Please note that these figures are for one calendar year of twelve months, do not include tuition fees (details of which you will find above), and are in Canadian dollars.