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Non-degree Status

Special students are those who are enrolled in graduate level courses without being enrolled in a degree program. Special Students are limited to a maximum of two courses per term (6 credits), with a cumulative maximum of twelve credits.

This Department can only consider applications for those wishing to follow graduate level Mechanical Engineering courses. Those who wish to take courses at the undergraduate level (500 level or lower) must direct their applications to the main Admissions Office of the University (514-398-3910), while those who wish to follow graduate level courses given by departments other than Mechanical Engineering must approach the department(s) responsible for the course(s) in question. Any application received for undergraduate level (500 level or lower) courses, or for graduate courses administered by other Departments, will be returned to the applicant.

Acceptance as a Special Student does not guarantee acceptance into our Master's programs, irrespective of the mark(s) achieved in the course(s) taken as a Special Student, and any Special Student wishing to be considered for an MEng program must apply for it specifically. In the event that a Special Student earns admission into an MEng program, this Department is not obliged to recognize credits earned as a Special Student towards the completion of the degree. Eligibility: applicants (who must be citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada) must have successfully completed an undergraduate degree, or the equivalent, in an appropriate Engineering field, with a minimum CGPA equivalent to 3.3 on a scale of 4.0.

Applying for Special Student status

In order to apply for Special Student status, the following exceptions apply to the standard application procedure: When completing the application form, please enter Special Student in the box marked "Degree or Diploma for which you are applying" (Section 2), and enter the course number(s) in the box marked "Proposed Field of Concentration" (Section 2) (remember that you have a maximum of two courses per term); please also supply a telephone number at which you can be contacted during the day. Letters of recommendation are not required for those applying for Special Student status; however, the submission of such letters would certainly assist in the evaluation of the application.