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Doctoral Program


While the duration of this program is dependent on the nature of the research project and the capabilities of the candidate, the minimum is two years study beyond the M.Eng. degree. Within twelve months of starting a Ph.D., the candidate is required to present his/her proposed research program for review by a faculty committee in a Preliminary Ph.D. Oral Examination. A defence of the Ph.D. thesis concludes the doctoral research. The time limit to complete a PhD program is 4 years beyond the completion of the residency requirement, which is completed at the end of PhD 3.


Applicants to the Ph.D. program must have successfully completed a Master's degree program, or the equivalent, in Engineering or the Physical Sciences, with a minimum CGPA equivalent to 3.3 on a scale of 4.0. Satisfaction of these minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. Students are not admitted directly from an undergraduate program.

Program Requirements

Candidates normally register for the MEng degree in the first instance. However, in exceptional cases where the research work is proceeding very satisfactorily, or where the equivalent of the MEng degree has been completed at another university, candidates may be permitted to proceed directly to the PhD degree without submitting a master's thesis as long as they have satisfied the course requirements for the MEng degree.

Courses of study selected for a PhD program will depend upon the existing academic qualifications of the candidate and those needed for effective research. Courses are to be chosen in consultation with the thesis supervisor.

Candidates are required to pass a preliminary oral examination within twelve months of their initial registration for the PhD degree.

Post-doctoral Studies

If you are interested in pursuing Post Doctoral studies in our Department, please correspond directly with those researchers whose work is of interest to you. To visit the researchers' homepages, please go to the Academic staff webpage.