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Graduate Courses

Courses open to graduate students and to qualified undergraduates

MECH 501 Special Topics:Mechanical Eng
MECH 513 Control Systems
MECH 515 Unsteady Gasdynamics
MECH 522 course description not available
MECH 524 Compu Integrated Manufacturing
MECH 526 Manufacturing&The Environment
MECH 528 Product Design
MECH 529 Discrete Manufacturing Systems
MECH 530 Mech of Composite Materials
MECH 531 course description not available
MECH 532 Aircraft Perform,Stablty&Cntl
MECH 533 Subsonic Aerodynamics
MECH 534 Air Pollution Engineering
MECH 537 High-Speed Aerodynamics
MECH 538 Unsteady Aerodynamics
MECH 539 Computational Aerodynamics
MECH 541 Kinematic Synthesis
MECH 542 Spacecraft Dynamics
MECH 543 Design With Composite Mat\'ls
MECH 544 Processing of Composite Mat
MECH 545 course description not available
MECH 546 FEM in Solid Mechanics
MECH 547 Mechanics of Biological Matls
MECH 553 Design & Manuf of Microdevices
MECH 554 Microprocessors for Mech. Sys.
MECH 557 Mechatronic Design
MECH 561 Biomech of Musculoskeletal Sys
MECH 562 Advanced Fluid Mechanics
MECH 563 Biofluids&Cardiovascular Mech
MECH 565 Fluid Flow &Heat Trans. Equip
MECH 566 Fluid-Structure Interactions
MECH 572 Introduction to Robotics
MECH 573 Mechanics of Robotic Systems
MECH 576 course description not available
MECH 577 Optimum Design
MECH 578 Advanced Thermodynamics
MECH 593 course description not available

Courses for graduate students ONLY

MECH 600 Adv. Topics in Mech. Eng. 1
MECH 602 Adv. Topics in Mech Eng. 2
MECH 603 M. Eng. Project 1
MECH 604 M. Eng. Project 2
MECH 605 Applied Maths 1
MECH 609 Seminar
MECH 610 Fundamentals of Fluid Dynamics
MECH 616 Visc. Flow & Boundary Layer Th
MECH 620 Adv Computational Aerodynamics
MECH 627 Manufacturing Industrial Stage
MECH 628 Manufacturing Case Studies
MECH 629 Manufacturing Industrial Sem
MECH 632 Adv Mechanics of Materials
MECH 633 course description not available
MECH 634 course description not available
MECH 635 course description not available
MECH 636 course description not available
MECH 642 Advanced Dynamics
MECH 650 Fundamentals of Heat Transfer
MECH 652 Dynamics of Combustion
MECH 654 Compt:Fluid Flow&Heat Transfer
MECH 656 Fundamentals of Turbulent Flow
MECH 661 Finite Element Methods in CFD
MECH 669 CSE Seminar
MECH 681 Aeronautics Project 1
MECH 682 Aeronautics Project 2
MECH 687 Aerospace Case Studies
MECH 688 Industrial Stage
MECH 691 M.Eng.Thesis Literature Review
MECH 692 M.Eng.Thesis Research Proposal
MECH 693 M.Eng.Thesis Progress Report 1
MECH 694 M.Eng. Thes Progress Report 2
MECH 695 M.Eng. Thesis
MECH 701 Ph.D. Thesis Proposal

To find out which courses are offered, please check Timetable information.

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