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The role of Mechanical Engineers in today's world is fast evolving, stemming technological progress motivated by emerging societal needs. From the propulsion of boats, cars, airplanes and spacecrafts, we are now tackling the propulsion of cells and other micro-organisms through the use of nanotechnologies and other sophistigated bioengineering tools. From power generation using gas turbines, or diesel engines, we are now turning our efforts to wind turbine farms, microdevices and all sorts of innovative energy harvesting methods. Sustainability drives us to create environmentally benign technologies, and smarter appliances and engineered products that "think" better thanks to integrated processors and microelectronic devices. Careful! A small robotic bee may be buzzing around your head! Is it filming you? Or preparing to sting?

Technological breakthroughs are not the only reason for getting a degree in Mechanical Engineering. More and more students choose MECH to develop a rigorous engineering mind, giving them a competitive advantage in the workplace in areas such as finance and medicine. It is hard to keep up with the pace of progress. The best way to do it is to jump right in!

We are priviledged here at McGill to work with some of the best students and researchers in the world. It is exciting to see how students grow, stimulated by the challenges of our intense curriculum, and how professors learn from the experiences we live and the projects we realize. This website shows some of our realizations and achievements. I invite you all to come visit and discover for yourself the many other things we do in MECH!

Luc Mongeau, Eng.
Chair, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Canada Research Chair (Tier 1)

Useful email contacts:

  • ugrad.mecheng [at] (Undergraduate Studies)
  • grad.mecheng [at] (Graduate Program)
  • reception.mechanical [at] (General Information)
  • adminofficer.mecheng [at] (Web Master)


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