"STEM Support McGill is a group dedicated to providing support and opportunities for women (cis-gendered, trans-gendered, women-identified), non-binary individuals and other minorities in mathematics and related fields. ..."

"The first Women in Numbers workshop was held at BIRS in 2008, with the explicit goals of highlighting the research of female number theorists and increasing the participation of women in number theory research. Since that first proposal, 84 different women have participated in three WIN conferences at BIRS, with an additional 40 participants at the Women in Numbers -- Europe conference held at CIRM in Luminy. The number of female number theorists is steadily growing. The visibility of the WIN conferences --- due both to the community that has developed and the high quality of research output from these workshops --- has helped to raise awareness in the broader community of the important contributions made by these researchers.”

"Graduate Research Opportunities for Women (GROW) is a conference for women-identified students interested in graduate school in the mathematical sciences...."

"From November 6 to 8, 2017, close to 600 advocates of gender equality from science, innovation and development  will participate in the Gender Summit North America 2017, to be held in Montréal, Canada. It is a great honour for Canada to welcome the Summit and all of its participants for the first time. Those present will not only have the opportunity to engage in fruitful discussions under the overarching theme of “Embracing pluralism and thriving through diversity – shaping science and innovation” but they will also have the unique opportunity of participating in Canada’s 150th and the city of Montréal’s 375th anniversary celebrations.

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