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Message from the Dean of Students

McGill University is thrilled to be a partner with The MasterCard Foundation to offer The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at McGill. McGill holds a strong commitment to providing opportunity and access to education, while enhancing the cultural and intellectual diversity of our University. Participation in The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program will further these objectives while making a significant long-term difference in the lives of the selected African scholars and their home communities.

Thanks to the generous support of The MasterCard Foundation, McGill will welcome 91 African students to McGill over the next ten years. The MasterCard Foundation Scholars will benefit from an excellent education while positively contributing to our University. By focusing on students from economically disadvantaged communities and by emphasizing the important concept of "go back and give back", The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program ensures that The MasterCard Foundation, McGill, and the selected students will make a lasting contribution to life in their communities and countries of origin.

In preparation for the arrival of the first cohort of The MasterCard Foundation Scholars at McGill in September 2013, the Office of the Dean of Students is developing a network of support to ensure that the Scholars thrive at McGill and in Montreal and develop their full potential as students and global citizens.
André Costopoulos, Dean of Students