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Letters to the Editor, The Gazette, (Sent) December 16, 2007

The Letters Editor, The Gazette

Re: Editorial, Dec. 14, Fri. at p. A-22; "MP's didn't shake Mulroney's version".


Certainly former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney surrounded by family and friends earned our sympathy at the Parliamentary Ethics Committee hearings on December 13th, but did not his testimony make the whole unfortunate matter worse?

He has now admitted that he accepted three envelopes, from Karlheinz Schreiber, each envelope containing a set of seventy-five, Canadian $1000 Bills. Mulroney said he held one set in a safety deposit box in New York, the two other sets in a safe at his home in Westmount, P.Q. But such $1000 Bills were used only once, were signed for when issued and when cashed and were and are apparently still easily traceable.

Who cashed them? and when? and where? will probably be the next questions asked of Mulroney by the Ethics Committee, when it reconvenes in January 2008.

Schreiber described by Liberal MP Ken Dryden as "at least a shadowy character" (Gazette Dec. 14 at p. A-4), nevertheless seems to be able to back up his own testimony by having used the $1000 Bills, rather than cash.

The tragedy is that Mulroney, who did much for a united Canada, was too proud to admit he took the money for his own personal use or his friends.

Now he faces the much heavier accusation, that he lied to, or misled, a Committee of Parliament.

William Tetley