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Letters to the Editor, Globe and Mail, (Sent) November 18, 2007

Letters to the Editor, Globe & Mail

Richard Pound, International Olympic Committee member (IOC) since 1978, and head of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), which he established nine years ago and used to clean up the Olympics, must be congratulated for his dedication and courage. He was fair and put the burden of proof on, WADA, but then when there was strong evidence against atheletes, he made them answer. And thus many were found out and stripped of their titles (e.g Floyd Landis in the 2007 Tour de France). The outspoken Pound also pointed out doping in other sports organizations e.g. baseball's Barry Bonds' going from 180 to 240 lbs. at the end of his career and breaking the Major League homerun record. And Pound, in particular, saved the Olympics financially when as a skilled corporate lawyer, he negotiated a television and sponsorship deal for the Salt Lake City Olympics and thereafter. The Olympics and all sport owes Dick Pound an enormous vote of thanks and much more.

William Tetley, Professor, McGill Law Faculty