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Jose Luis Goni

Jose Luis Goni is a Spanish lawyer based in Madrid, Spain where he is a partner of Goni & Co. Abogados which specializes in shipping law. He obtained his Bachelor of Law from the University of Santiago and the University of Complutense in Madrid. Amongst his side-activities, he is a former Professor of Maritime Law at the University Autónoma of Madrid, an arbitrator, a titulary member of the Comité Maritime International (CMI), a member of the Spanish and Venezuelan Maritime Law Associations as well as of the Ibero-American Institute of Maritime Law. He recently took part in the famous oil spil “Prestige” case where he was in charge of the defence team and wrote the Spanish summary of carriage of goods by sea law for Prof. Tetley's new book, Marine Cargo Claims, 4 Ed., 2008.

Website: Goni & Co Abogados