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Francesco Berlingieri

Francesco Berlingieri is an Italian lawyer based in Genoa, Italy, and specializing in maritime law. Francesco has taught maritime law at various institutions in Italy and abroad (Genoa University, Italy; Tulane University, New Orleans, U.S.A.; IMO International Maritime Law Institute, Malta), and was awarded honorary degrees by the Universities of Bologna (Italy), Antwerp (Belgium) and Athens (Greece). Between 1976 and 1991 he was President of the Comité Maritime International (CMI) and presently holds an ad honorem President status. Francesco is also, amongst other things, an honorary member of the Order of the British Empire (OBE); a former member of the Commercial Court Committee of the High Court of Justice in London, an honorary member of the Canadian Bar Association, of the British Maritime Law Association, as well as of the Italian Maritime Law Association. In addition, he is the Editor of the CMI Publications, Editor of Il Diritto Marittimo (a quarterly maritime law review, published in Genoa, Italy), the correspondent in Italy for Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly, and the author of many books and articles in Italian, English and French. Francesco has some knowledge of German and Spanish too. Finally, he co-authored the summary for carriage of goods by sea law for Italy in Professor Tetley’s new book, Marine Cargo Claims, 4 Ed., 2008.

Professor Berlingieri also counselled the New York team of Holland & Knight LLP in their representation of the King of Spain in Prestige Decision See Tetley, Prestige Decision Commentary (English)