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Luis Cova Arria

Luis Cova Arria practices admiralty, maritime, shipping, and commercial law in Caracas, Venezuela. Luis graduated, magna cum laude, from the Central University of Venezuela Faculty of Law in 1961. He obtained his Doctorate in Law from the Central University of Venezuela in 1963, and Masters in Comparative Jurisprudence (M.C.J.) from New York University in 1974.

Luis is a member of the Executive Council (1994-2003) and Titular Member (since 1978) of the Committee Maritime International (CMI); Coordinator and Professor at the Graduate Division in Maritime Law and International Trade at the Law School of the Central University of Venezuela (since 1995); Chaired Member of the Academy of Political and Social Sciences of Venezuela (since 2000); Ex- President of the Arbitration Center (CEAMAR) of the Ibero-American Maritime Law Institute; founder and former President of the Venezuelan Maritime Law Association, and Member of the Standing Committee, International Maritime Arbitration Organization. Luis also served as the Venezuelan Official Delegate at the United Nations Convention on Bills of Lading (Hamburg, 1978), on Salvage (London, 1989), and on Maritime Liens and Mortgages (Geneva, 1993). He is a main drafter of the new Maritime Commerce Law, enacted in Venezuela on October 30, 2001. Luis has written several books and articles including "Civil Liability for Oil Spills" (2000), and "The Doctrine of Forum Non Conveniens in Anglo-American Law and Basis of Jurisdiction in Venezuela" (1974). Founder and Partner of LUIS COVA ARRIA & ASOCIADOS, a maritime law firm in Caracas, Venezuela, Luis speaks Spanish and English.

Luis authored the carriage of goods by sea law summary for Venezuela in Prof. Tetley's latest book, Marine Cargo Claims, 4 Ed., 2008.

Email: luis [dot] cova [at] luiscovaa [dot] com
Website: http://www.luiscovaa.com