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Maritime Law - International

1) Recently Published Articles

Tetley, Jurisdiction and Arbitration Clauses in Carriage of Goods by Sea in Canada - the New Law and O.T. Africa Line Ltd. v. Magic Sportswear Corp.[.pdf] (paper presented to the Carriage of Goods by Sea Committee of the U.S. Maritime Law Association, New York City, May 3, 2006).

Tetley, A Table of the Cargo by Sea Conventions as they apply to Certain States (updated weekly).

Tetley, Jurisdiction Clauses and Forum Non Conveniens in the Carriage of Goods by Sea[.pdf] (publisbed in Jurisdiction and Forum Selection in International Maritime Law. Essays in Honor of Robert Force (Martin Davies, ed.), Kluwer Law International, The Hague, 2005, Chapter 6 at pp. 183-263).

Tetley, The Burden and Order of Proof in Marine Cargo Claims[.pdf] (2004).

Tetley, Case Comment: Z.I. Pompey v. ECU-Line N.V. (The Strong Test and Fundamental Breach with respect to Bill of Lading Forum Selection Clauses)[.pdf] (2004) 10 JIML 468-476.

Tetley, Good Faith in Contract, Particularly in the Contracts of Arbitration and Chartering (Corrective vs. Distributive Justice)[.pdf] (2004) 35 JMLC 561-616.

Tetley, Letters of Indemnity at Shipment and Letters of Guarantee at Discharge[.pdf] [2004] ETL 287-344.

Tetley, Interpretation and Construction of the Hague, Hague/Visby and Hamburg Rules[.pdf] (2004) 10 JIML 30-70.

Tetley, Case Comment: The House of Lords Decision in The Starsin[.pdf] (2004) 35 JMLC 121-139.

Tetley, General Average Now and in the Future[.pdf] Liber Amicorum R. Roland, Larcier, Brussels, 2003 at pp. 419-450.

Tetley, The Himalaya Clause - revisited[.pdf] (2003) 9 JIML 40-64.

Tetley, "Responsibility for Fire in the Carriage of Goods by Sea" [2002] ETL 1-35.

Tetley, Maritime Liens in the Conflict of Laws[.pdf] , Law and Justice in a Multistate World: Essays in Honor of Arthur T. von Mehren, Transational Publishers, Ardsley, N.Y., 2002 at pp. 439-457 .

Tetley, "Properly Carry, Keep and Care for Cargo - Art. 3(2) of the Hague/Visby Rules" [2001] ETL 9-35.

Tetley, "Seven Rules of Interpretation (Construction) of Bills of Lading", Liber Amicorum Robert Wijffels, Antwerp, 2001 at pp. 359-379.

Tetley, "The Cause of the Loss or Damage"[.pdf], Études de Droit Maritime à l'aube du XXIe siècle - Mélanges offerts à Pierre Bonassies, Éditions Moreux, Paris, 2001, at pp. 357-371.

Tetley, "Geographic Deviation" in Proceedings of the International Conference on Traffic Science, Potoroz, Slovenia, 2000.

Tetley, "Uniformity of International Private Maritime Law - The Pros, Cons, and Alterntives to International Conventions - How to Adopt an International Convention" (2000) 24 Tul. Mr. L.J. 775-856.

Tetley, "Arrest, Attachment, and Related Maritime Law Procedures" (1999) 73 Tul. L. Rev. 1895-1985.

Tetley, "The Demise of the Demise Clause?" (1999) 44 McGill L.J. 807-846.

Tetley, A Definition of Canadian Maritime Law[.pdf] (1996) 30 U.B.C. L. Rev. 137-164.

Tetley, The General Maritime Law - The Lex Maritima[.pdf] (1994) 20 Syracuse J. Int'l L. & Comm. 105-145, reprinted [1996] ETL 469-506.

Tetley, "Canadian Interpretation and Construction of Maritime Conventions", first published (1991) 23 R.G.D. 109-128, updated August 8, 2001.

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Law Journal Articles

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Prof. Tetley's Fairplay articles. A selection of brief articles first published in Fairplay Magazine.

4) Important Judgments

Important Judgments from the "You Win Some, You Lose Some" Department.