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Letters to the Editor, Toronto Star, (sent) December 22, 2007

Letters to the Editor:

Re: "Mulroney inquiry is worth the price"; Editorial, Toronto Star, December 22, 2007.


Your editorial of December 22, 2007 is right on - The Brian Mulroney/Karlheinz Schreiber inquiry must continue. There are too many unanswered questions.

Mulroney admitted he received $225,000 from Schreiber in three envelopes, each containing a set of seventy-five $1000 Bills. Why did Mulroney place one set of Bills in a bank safety deposit in New York city? The Bills, are easily traceable even now. They were numbered and were signed for when issued and when cashed and cashing was permitted only once. Mulroney testified as well that the two other similar sets of Bills were placed in a private safe in his home in Montreal. Who cashed them and when and where?

Schreiber testified, for his part, that each set contained one hundred Bills, not seventy-five for a total of $300,000, not $225,000. Where did the other $75,000 in Bills go? Who cashed them?

Schreiber has portrayed himself as a very questionable figure, but he undoubtedly protected himself or at least his testimony by using not cash, e.g. untraceable $bills in small denominations, but $1,000 Bills apparently known, as "Mafia money", and which were later withdrawn permanently, by Canada, because of the stigma attached to them.

All Canadians, owe a debt of gratitude to Brian Mulroney for his efforts to unite Canada, particularly over the Meech Lake Accord. Instead, however, of admitting he took the sums in question and now regrets it, he has embarassed himself greatly with his testimony, while the Liberals who suffered under the sponsorship scandal inquiry, now expect that former Mulroney colleagues in his entourage, in Cabinet, Parliament and the Senate will be implicated in the scandal that Mulroney himself has opened up.

And as in the sponsorship scandal, Canadians expect and are entitled to know the whole truth.

William Tetley, Prof., McGill Law Faculty