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Letters to the Editor, The Gazette, (Sent) November 28, 2007

Letters to the Editor, The Gazette


I. Last week, Brian Mulroney, (through his spokesman Luc Lavoie) admitted receiving $100,000 cash in an envelope, from Karlheinz Schreiber, in a hotelroom at Mirabel Airport, "while Mulroney was still an MP for Baie Comeau.". See Jack Aubry, Gazette, Nov. 21, and Don MacPherson, Gazette, Nov. 22 - "Strange but true: Mulroney taking envelopes filled with cash." …"The former PM was not some naïve kid from the boonies when he took the money." etc., etc. See further details and comments on the $100,000 cash payment in every Canadian newspaper in the past week - e.g. Mulroney had a young family and needed the money etc., etc. and for example - an Aislin cartoon on Nov. 22, 2007 in the Gazette.

II. Since then, old and new Conservatives (including Prime Minister Harper) have closed ranks to try to prevent a full-scale enquiry and even to have Schreiber extradited without delay.

III. Mulroney also would seem to have benefitted unjustly by having the government pay him $2.1 million (his costs & expenses of the enquiry), because he was supposedly the aggrieved party. Should not Mulroney, in the light of the Luc Lavoie admission, now pay back the $2.1 million and also pay the costs & expenses of the government?

IV. Others, who did not receive money, have also been dragged into the mess for possibly having known of the payment, long before the Lavoie admission. For example, should not L. Ian MacDonald, whom it appears was on Mulroney's staff for years and was also a speechwriter for Mulroney now testify before the enquiry as to what he knows of the Schreiber and Mulroney arrangements?

V. Certainly, we must not be vindictive - "Who can throw the first stone?" Nevertheles the public has been dreadfully misled, while stones have already been thrown by both sides Most politicians are not dishonest; yet as José Legault wrote in the Gazette on November 23, 2007 (op ed page) "Schreiber affair hurts reputation of all politicians". May I conclude that it is time for a full enquiry and that Schreiber should not be extradited until it is completed?


William Tetley