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Ships & the Sea - Intermediate Quiz Answers

By Jane Tetley Logan


Which of the following is not a sailing vessel:

a)      sloop
b)     trireme
c)     killick
d)     barge
e)     felucca
f)      dhow

c) A killick is the earliest known form of anchor; also a slang term for Leading Seaman.


Where did Noah's Ark come to rest?

Mount Ararat, in Turkey


How are the left and right sides of a channel marked in the American buoyage system?

In the United States buoyage system, red even-numbered buoys mark the starboard (right-hand) side of a channel, when coming from seaward, and black odd-numbered buoys indicate the port (left-hand) side. Buoys with red and black horizontal stripes mark channel junctions and isolated dangers.[1]


What is the difference between a Hovercraft and a hydrofoil?

Bonus point: Who invented the Hovercraft?

The Hovercraft is lifted by a cushion of air, and the hydrofoil by its wings.

Sir Christopher Cockerell.


In naval architecture, how big is the biggest boat?

In naval architecture, a craft less than 20 m (65 ft) in length is considered a boat.[2]


How many Academy Awards did the motion picture Titanic win?

Eleven, including best picture, best editor, best film directing


Which ship came to the rescue of Titanic passengers?

The Carpathia


Which of the following was not an explorer of the Americas?

a)      John Cabot

b)     Ernest Shackleton

c)      James Cook

d)     Sir Francis Drake

e)     George Vancouver

Shackleton explored the Antarctic.


Who bombed and sank The Rainbow Warrior in 1985?

Rainbow Warrior belonged to the environmental group Greenpeace. While in harbour at Aukland, New Zealand, to arrange a peaceful antinuclear demonstration, French secret agents bombed and sank the vessel. The French government eventually paid $8 million in compensation.


What is a fathom?  How long is it?

A nautical measure of six feet. A rough fathom can be the span between the fingers when the arms are outstretched.


What are the symptoms of Cape Horn fever?

Cape Horn fever is the name given to the sickness suffered by a member of the crew who is pretending to be unwell in rough and heavy weather and trying to get out of his duties on the upper deck.


Name a ship captained by Sir Francis Drake.

Judith (early exploration), The Golden Hind (the first English ship to circumnavigate the globe and on which he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth)  and The Revenge (in battled against the Spanish Armada) are the best known.


When using semaphore, what letter is signalled when one flag is held straight up and the other straight down?



When a sailor has sailed around Cape Hope, what right does he earn?

The right to sit with his right foot on the mess table.


When a sailor has sailed around Cape Horn, what right does he earn?

The right to sit with his left foot on the mess table.  If he has sailed around both Capes, he may put both feet up.


What are all of the following?

Spanish Burton

Handy Billy





To a sailor, what are the following?

Single Matthew Walker

Cat's paw

Double diamond

Turk's head

They are knots.


The Mary Rose sank off Portsmouth in 1545, her wreck was discovered in 1967, and she has since been raised.  Whose flagship was she?

 Henry VIII.


If a ship sails 10 leagues, how far has she travelled?

30 nautical miles


Which pirate's treasure was found at the eastern end of Long Island, NY, with more believed buried nearby?

Captain William Kidd's


The pirate Edward Teach was known and feared for his robberies and atrocities throughout the West Indies and along the coast of the North Carolina and Virginia colonies. By what name was he better known?


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