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Jane & Tom's Election Quiz Answers

Section 1: Famous quotations

Canadian Prime Ministers American Presidents

Match the PM with the quote:

1. The 20th century belongs to Canada.

Sir Wilfrid Laurier

2. A British subject I was born, a British subject I will die.

Sir John A Macdonald on the topic of tax on ladies' dresses from New York.

3. They make fun of my face. It's the only face I've got.

John Diefenbaker when Newsweek ran a picture of him looking demented in 1963.

4. I will end unemployment or perish in the attempt.

R.B. Bennett, the Depression PM

5. "Not necessarily conscription, but conscription if necessary."

W.L. Mackenzie King, 1942

6. Gee I'm glad I didn't sell my car.

Kim Campbell on her defeat on Oct 25, 1992. She owned a 1980 Honda Civic.

7. You can be, these days, a popular Prime Minister or you can be an effective Prime Minister

Brian Mulroney, 1993, referring to both himself and British PM John Major

Match the President with the quote:

1. Canada and the United States have reached the point where we no longer think of each other as foreign countries.

Harry S. Truman

2. Japan is the largest trading partner of the United States

Richard Nixon in 1971, but he corrected his error in 1972, saying that Canada was the U.S.'s largest trading partner – and Japan should take note.

3. The acquisition of Canada this year … will be a mere matter of marching

Thomas Jefferson in 1812

4. Canada must be ours, Quebec must be taken

John Adams in 1776 following American attempts to storm the ramparts of Quebec on New Year's Eve, 1775. He became the second President of the U.S. in 1779.

5. Hello Mr. Wilson

Lyndon B. Johnson greeted Lester Pearson this way when LP visited the Texan's ranch in 1965. Pearson used to joke about it.

6. "I give to you assurance that the people of the United States will not stand idly by if the domination of Canadian soil is threatened..."

FDR, 1938, Convocation Address, Queen's University

Section 2: Who am I?

Prime Ministers Presidents

1. Sir John A Macdonald

  • Faced Nova Scotia separatists in Parliament

1. JFK

  • He wrote "Profiles in Courage"

2. Lester B Pearson

  • Played semi-pro baseball with the Guelph Maple Leafs and was on Britain's Olympic hockey team while at Oxford
  • 1957 Nobel Peace Prize

2. Gerald Ford

3. Louis St. Laurent

  • Although always involved in the Liberal party, he never ran for election until he was 59

3. Jimmy Carter

4. Joe Clark

  • Accompanied by photogenic daughter Catherine these days

4. FDR

5. John Diefenbaker

5. George Bush

6. Charles Tupper



6. Harry S. Truman

Section 3: That's entertainment

Prime Ministers Presidents

1. Stockwell Day

1. Ralph Bellamy played FDR

2. Brian Mulroney

2. Martin Sheen

3. Jean Chretien

3. Bill Clinton

4. They asked the candidates about Jean Poutine in Canada's capital, Toronto

4. Peter Sellers played Chauncey Gardener or Chance, the sheltered gardener who becomes President

5. Roger Abbott

5. John Travolta played a Bill Clinton type

Section 4: Middle names

Prime Ministers Presidents

Give the middle name of the following PM:

John Napier

Name four recent PMs who are not called by their first given name:;

Joseph Jacques Jean Chrétien
Charles Joseph Clark
Martin Brian Mulroney
Avril (Kim) Campbell
Joseph Phillipe Pierre Yves Elliott Trudeau

Give the middle names of the following presidents:

1. Gerald Rudolph Ford
2. Richard Milhous Nixon
3. Dwight David Eisenhower
4. James Earl Carter
5. William Jefferson Clinton  

Section 5: Significant others

Prime Ministers Presidents

1. Wilfrid Laurier

2. Pierre Trudeau (Streisand)

3. Mackenzie King's mother who he revered

4. Robert Borden (Minister of Defence who he fired for various misdoings during WWI)

1. James Madison's wife, she was the most popular of early first ladies and known for her entertaining

2. LBJ's wife

3. JFK's paramour

4. VP to George Bush

Section 6: Life and death

Prime Ministers Presidents

1. John Diefenbaker was determined to have a funeral as grand as Sir John A Macdonald and planned a special train that bore his body back to Saskatoon.

2. John Turner came to Canada at age 3, after the death of his father

3. Robert Bennett

4. Wilfrid Laurier (1919)

1. Gerald Ford ( by Lynette Fromme and Sarah Jane Moore in Sept 75)

2. FDR

3. Abraham Lincoln; James Garfield (shot by a religious fanatic at an international trade fair in 1881), William McKinley (shot by an anarchist in 1901), JFK

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