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October Crisis 1970

The following are various background documents referred to by Prof. William Tetley in his book The October Crisis, 1970: An Insider's View, McGill-Queen's University Press, Montreal, 2006.


Appendix C: The Events Preliminary to the Crisis (in chronological order - 1960 to 5 October 1970) - English text[.doc]

Appendix D: The Crisis per se (in chronological order - 5 October 1970 to 29 December 1970) - English text[.doc]

Appendix E: The Aftermath to the Crisis (in chronological order - 1 January 1971 to 2002) - English text[.doc]

Appendix F: General Contestation in Quebec Society (1960-1970) - English text[.doc]

Appendix G: Editorial of Jean-Paul Desbiens in La Presse (6 October 1970); Jean-Paul Desbiens, Four Years Later - French texts and English translations[.doc]

Appendix H: The Manifesto of the FLQ (6 October 1970) - French text and English translation[.doc]

Appendix I: Newspaper Opinions (13-17 October 1970)[.doc]

Appendix J: The Petition of the Sixteen Eminent Personalities (14 October 1970) - French text and English translation[.doc]

Appendix K: Letters of Drapeau, Saulnier, Saint-Aubin and Bourassa (15/16 October 1970) - French texts and English translations[.doc]

Appendix L: Proclamation and Regulations of 16 October 1970 under the War Measures Act and the War Measures Act - French and English texts[.doc]

Appendix M: Actions of Students, Dropouts and Professors after the Proclamation of 16 October 1970 and Commentary - English text[.doc]

Appendix N: Legal Opinion to the Parti Québécois lawyer Pothier Ferland - French text and English translation[.doc]

Appendix O: Minutes of the Parti Québécois National Council (18 October 1970) - French text and English translation[.doc]

Appendix P: Article of W. Tetley in Le Devoir (4 Nov. 1970) and his reply, 18 Oct. 2003, to letter of Guy Bouthillier and Robin Philpot (Le Devoir, 24 October 2003)[.doc]

Appendix Q: The Saga of Carole de Vault - English text[.doc]

Appendix R: Article in THE BEAVER, the magazine of Canada's National History Society (October/November 2000) - English text [.doc]- this article is William Tetley's response to Lysiane Gagnon's article The October Crisis: Singular Anomaly published in the Beaver, October/November 2000, Vol. 80, No. 5, p. 6-7.

Appendix S: Letter of Claude Castonguay, La Presse (4 May 2001) - French text[.doc]

Appendix T: Last Lunch with Trudeau - English text and French translation[.doc]

Appendix U: Riel's Revolutionary Bill of Rights (1885) - English text[.doc]

Appendix V: Excerpts of the Montreal Annexation Manifesto (20 September 1849) and Signatories[.doc]

Appendix W: Declaration of Independence of Robert Nelson (1838) - French text[.doc]

Appendix X: List of FLQ Members, Supporters or Sympathizers and Members of Related Organizations - English text[.doc]

Appendix Y: The Roles of the Participants in Retrospect - English text[.doc]

Appendix Z: The Place of the Crisis in Quebec and Canadian History - English text[.doc]

Appendix ZZ: Abbreviations of Citations of Texts and Authors Referred To - English text[.doc]