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Tetley's maritime & admiralty law

We regret to announce that Professor William Tetley, C.M., Q.C., LL.L., passed away on July 1, 2014. He was 87.

This site is archived and no longer being updated.
Professor William Tetley, Faculty of Law

The information in this website was maintained and provided by William Tetley, Professor, Faculty of Law, McGill University, Distinguished Visiting Professor of Maritime and Commercial Law, Tulane University; Counsel to Langlois Kronström Desjardins (Langlois Gaudreau O'Connor) of Montreal and Quebec City.

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Tetley's New Book, Marine Cargo Claims, 4 Ed., 2008

To order a copy of MCC IV visit the Marine Cargo Claims Website.

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A Word of Welcome by Prof. William Tetley to His Website

Welcome to the maritime law website www.mcgill.ca/maritimelaw.

The website strives to be a useful source of information on maritime law matters. It also has a popular Guestbook where individuals from all over the world, maritime lawyers, shipbrokers, freight forwarders and experts, have left their interesting insights. I invite all visitors to the site to leave their comments on the Guestbook.

Much has been happening in the field of maritime law since the publication twenty-one years ago of Tetley’s Marine Cargo Claims, 3 Ed., 1988. The surge in the international trade of goods has seen an industry completely transformed and reinvigorated beyond recognition.

Information Technology and now the quasi-universal use of containers have revolutionized the way the maritime industry works. From electronic bills of lading to modes of payment and instant satellite tracking of vessels, cargoes and storms at sea, the maritime sector has become one of fastest growing and most dynamic industries in the world. Spiraling oil prices and concerns over climate change are, amongst other factors, making sea transportation a privileged option for shippers.

As a result a whole range of increasingly complex legal problems has arisen which, in turn, requires innovative solutions. These problems are considered at length in “Marine Cargo Claims, 4th Edition, 2008,” volumes 1 and 2.

A third volume of Marine Cargo Claims IV Ed. will be entirely devoted to the upcoming UNCITRAL Convention on the Carriage of Goods Wholly or Partly By Sea ("The Rotterdam Rules") with analyses and commentaries by me and others from around the world. It was hoped that the new Convention would address certain of the shortcomings of the Hague/Visby and Hamburg regimes, but it is already coming under fire from many sides!

In conclusion, enjoy your visit to my website and to my books. Please send me your comments, suggestions and criticisms or put them on the guestbook. It is only by constant revision, based on valid commentary, can one hope attain any real standard of excellence.

William Tetley, C.M., Q.C.

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