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Swine Complex

Denis Hatcher (Animal Science Coordinator) giving a lab on artificial insemination.

Newborn piglets nursing from a sow in the Swine Complex.

Two of the most common breeds of swine in north America are Landrace(white) and Duroc(brown).

Students Madhu and Marsha Wysote holding piglet in the Swine complex.

The Macdonald Campus Swine Complex is part of the R. Howard Webster Centre for Teaching and Research in Animal and poultry Science. The Centre opened in November 1993. This Complex was built to replace the original unit that was destroyed by fire in 1991.

The Swine Complex is a farrow to finish operation with a capacity of 48 sows. The unit was designed for teaching and research. Both the nursery and growing sections have a capacity of 192 pigs. Each section consists of 2 rooms with 16 pens each with a capacity of 6 pigs per pen. This allows replication for trials and also allows for an all in all out system of management using batch farrowing. In addition there is a metabolism room for intensive research in swine nutrition.

The Swine Complex has a field lab devoted to waste management and a ventilation lab.

The Swine Complex is used for teaching by both the degree program and also the Farm Management and Technology group. The Unit is used to teach labs in the areas of reproduction, nutrition, odor control and farm building design.

For more information on the Swine Complex, contact denis [dot] hatcher [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Denis Hatcher) (514-398-8644)