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Cattle Complex

The Cattle Complex houses approximately 88 milking cows and 60 heifers.

The bulk tank in the Dairy unit has a capacity of 6000 liters of milk enough to feed 1500 families every day.

A summer student with a Jersey cow and her twin calves.

The Dairy Unit consists largely of Holsteins but does contain Ayrshires, Brown Swiss and Jerseys like this one.

Cattle on the mooove to their new pasture.

Stephane Campeau, Dairy employee, milking a Holstein cow in the Cattle Complex.

Natasha Lapointe, Dairy employee, introducing grain to a young Holstein calf.

Agropur picking up milk at the Cattle Complex.

The Macdonald Campus Dairy Unit is unique among Canadian University Agricultural Research and Teaching Facilities. Students are privileged to have this facility within easy walking distance of the main teaching and residence facilities.

The Dairy Unit has long served multi functional role within the University of research, education and milk production. It is an attractive front door to the main campus.

All students in production-related courses benefit from extensive hands on experience in a real world setting at the Farm. Numerous research projects are conducted by professors and graduate students annually.

The Macdonald Campus dairy is dedicated to providing a meaningful learning experience in a friendly environment for students and cows!

For more information on the Cattle Complex, contact Dairy Herd Manager chantal [dot] charrette [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Chantal Charette).