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Cattle Complex | Dairy Unit

The Macdonald Campus Dairy Unit is unique among Canadian University Agricultural Research and Teaching Facilities. Students are privileged to have this facility within easy walking distance of the main teaching and residence facilities.

The Dairy Unit has long served multi functional role within the University of research, education and milk production. It is an attractive front door to the main campus.

Field Unit

205 hectares of farmland is currently devoted to the production of forages and corn for the farm. A small area is also reserved as a permanent pasture for the cattle and demonstration gardens.

Donald McQueen Shaver Poultry Complex

In addition to using the Donald McQueen Shaver Poultry Complex for teaching and research, in an ongoing effort to promote local food and decrease our carbon footprint, the farm is now the primary egg supplier for McGill Food and Dining Services.

R. Howard Webster Centre

The R. Howard Webster Centre provides teaching and research facilities for dairy, swine and poultry operations.

We are grateful to the R.Howard Webster Foundation for their generous contribution to our Teaching and Research Facilities at the Macdonald Campus Farm.


Business Operations

This unit has the responsibility for co-ordination of the economic functions of the Dairy, Swine, Poultry and Field Units. The Business Operations Office coordinates all administrative activities such has payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, budget forecasts, financial control, staffing, classroom bookings and labs for all areas of the farm.