BSc Food Science: Advising

Welcome to Macdonald campus!

The Academic Advisor for newly admitted students for Fall 2017 is:
Professor Varoujan Yaylayan
Macdonald Stewart Building, MS1-033

All other Food Science students should consult the Academic Advisor Listing for their current advisor

For new students only entering Fall 2017: Recommended courses

R=Recommended       E=Elective


Food Chemistry

Food Science


Term 1 (fall) 2017

FDSC 200 Introduction to Food Science R R 3.0
FDSC 213 Analytical Chemistry 1 R R 3.0
LSCI 211 Biochemistry 1 R R 3.0
FDSC 230 Organic Chemistry or elective R/E R/E 3.0/4.0
OOOO 000 Elective E E 3.0

Term 2 (winter) 2018

FDSC 233 Physical Chemistry R R 3.0
FDSC 251 Food Chemistry 1 R R 3.0
LSCI 230 Introductory Microbiology R R 3.0
FDSC 334 Analysis of Food Toxins & Toxicants R R 3.0
AEMA 310 Statistical Methods 1** R R


Returning students:

Please consult with your Academic Advisor if you have questions about your course selection.