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BSc (AgEnvSc): Advising

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If your Major is Life Sciences, Environmental Biology, Global Food Security or Agro-Environmental Sciences, your academic advisor is:

Dr. Julie Major
Academic Advisor - BSc AgEnvSc
Macdonald Stewart Bldg, Room MS2-082a
julie [dot] majoratmcgill [dot] ca (Email)

Dr. Major is available during the Fall 2014 term:

M:9:00 to noon, 13:45 to 16:00
T: 9:00 to 16:00
W:by email or phone only
R: 9:00 to noon, 13:45 to 16:00
F: 9:00 to 16:00

I may have to attend to other commitments, so the schedule is subject to change. Priority is given to those who have scheduled appointments.

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If your Major is Environment, your academic advisor is: 

Mrs. Kathryn Roulet
Academic Advisor - BSc AgEnvSc (Environment Major)

If your Major is Agricultural Economics, your academic advisor is: 

Professor John Henning
Academic Advisor - BSc AgEnvSc (Agricultural Economics Major)