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Major in Global Food Security

Global food insecurity and hunger takes place everywhere, from urban slums and isolated communities in the developing world, through big city suburbs and food deserts in industrialized countries to indigenous territories in Canada and abroad. Work to solve these issues is done at both the governmental and non-governmental level and in private and public sectors. The new leadership in Global Food Security will be built by trained individuals able to think, assess, analyze and propose action, while connecting multiple disciplines and sectors.

The Global Food Security program at McGill is a multidisciplinary program that offers students a unique opportunity to combine studies in public health and food safety, international development and environmental sciences with agriculture and nutrition, providing them with the skills they need to build successful careers in this challenging and rewarding environment. The Global Food Security program combines comprehensive course work with hands-on experiences through structured internships and study abroad opportunities. The field experience (in Canada or abroad) includes project development in local communities, observing subsistence agriculture on site, and participating in a variety of activities designed to sensitize future graduates to the challenges facing countries in achieving food security.

For more information, please contact the bsc-advisor [dot] agenvscatmcgill [dot] ca (student advisor).


Suggested Specializations

  • What specializations are available for this major?

  • May I take any other specializations?

    Each specialization consists of 24 credits of courses (required and complementary) that provide a coherent package designed to prepare you for a future career in a given discipline.

    You will need to select at least one specialization. However, if you wish to broaden your training, you have the option of choosing to do two specializations. Click here to view the complete list.

Course Requirements

  • What courses would I be taking?

    The Global Food Security Major consists of a core of 42 credits plus a 24-credit Specialization.

  • To view the list of courses, please see the Electronic Course Calendar

Career Paths

  • What career paths can I follow after graduation?

    Career paths include:
    • International development;
    • International research and project management;
    • Food security and agriculture policy analysis;
    • Food safety and public health policies;
    • Agri-business management;
    • Federal and Provincial food security programs;
    • Careers in government, non-government and international institutions