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Studying about the Environment

MCGILL SCHOOL OF ENVIRONMENT (MSE): The last decade has brought to our awareness the complex environmental problems facing our planet. Rapid increases in population, growth of technology and economic globalization have had a significant impact on the environment. Problems are both short- and long-term in nature and can be observed over the entire globe. In response, McGill University has created the McGill School of Environment (MSE), which is dedicated to the study of environmental sciences.

The Major in Environment has two components: Core and Domain. The Core courses expose students to different approaches, perspectives and world views that will help them gain an understanding of the complexity and conflicts that underlie most environmental problems. Through the Core program students go beyond the confines of their individual views of environment. Combined with the Core, students will choose an area of specialization called a Domain. The Domains, in cutting-edge interdisciplinary fields, are composed of courses from different subjects and departments all over McGill. They represent areas of expertise that are important to our understanding of the environment.


Suggested Domains

  • What domains are available for this major?

    The following are the domains offered through the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

    1. Biodiversity and Conservation
    2. Ecological Determinants of Health
    3. Environmetrics
    4. Food Production and Environment
    5. Land Surface Processes and Environmental Change
    6. Renewable Resource Management
    7. Water Environments and Ecosystems

Career Paths

  • What career paths can I follow after graduation?

    Career paths include:
    • Water resource management
    • Environmental management
    • Environmental policy delivery
    • Environmental education
    • Environmental consulting
    • Environmental impact assessment