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Major in Environment


At the McGill School of Environment (MSE), students learn how to respond to the challenges and opportunities for a sustainable future. Ecological and social systems are closely interconnected and  the decisions we make and the actions we take will impact all life on this planet. Planting or cutting trees alters the carbon balance and global climate. Conservation areas  impact  animals and plants, as well as human well-being and livelihood. Consumer choices determine the fate of water ecosystems and  the quality of  air we breathe.


Inclusive, collaborative, and integrative in its approach, the MSE spans both McGill campuses (downtown Montreal and Macdonald) and benefits from expertise in disciplines ranging from life sciences, ecology, geology, economics, ethics, law, anthropology, geography, and epidemiology. 

The core courses in this program expose students to different approaches, perspectives, and world views to understand the complexity that underlies environmental issues. Systems thinking, sustainability, and environmental ethics and thought are some of the central themes.  Students are given opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills in collaboration with stakeholders.


Students also choose a “Domain” – an area of specialization comprising courses from many areas across the University and structured to provide breadth and depth of knowledge within the Domain.  Students may take courses on both the downtown and Macdonald campus to take full advantage of what McGill has to offer. 


Biodiversity and Conservation

Ecological Determinants of Health

Environmetrics Food Production and Environment

Land Surface Processes and Environmental Change

Renewable Resource Management

Water Environments and Ecosystems


■ Conservation specialist

■ Environmental assessment and management

■ Environmental officer (public or private sector)

■ Environmental policy advisor

■ Environmental policy development

■ Environmental communication and education

■ Environmental innovation

■ Green strategy development

■ Sustainability leader