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Internships can be a lot of work to prepare for, from writing your resume and cover letter, to putting together the proper documentation. Below is a list of web links that will help to simplify this process. If you have any questions, please come by the Internship Office (MS2-082) or send an mehek.mehta [at] (email).

Travel Guidelines

International Travel Registry
All students participating in a University-related international activity (i.e., bilateral exchange, internship, independent study-away, graduate work or other activity) are required to register their travel on Minerva. The registry collects information about itineraries, host organization contact information, emergency contact information, travel documentation, insurance, vaccinations, etc.

McGill monitors all University-related travel on the registry. Interns must register their travel outside of Montréal on the McGill travel registry as well as with DFAIT on the Registry of Canadians Abroad (ROCA).

When do I complete a TRAVEL REGISTRY Form?
If you are going on an internship that will take you outside of Canada, please contact the mehek.mehta [at] (Internship Office) (MS2-082) and further information will be provided.

Once the Travel Registry is created by the Internship Officer, it can be found in Minerva under the Student Records Menu. When your form is ready for you to complete, you will receive a notice by email linking you directly to the form.

Travel Health Coverage
Simply type in ‘McGill University, Macdonald Campus (MCSS)’ and it will bring you to the main page, specifically designed for Macdonald students. Click on the ‘Travel’ tab and then select ‘Exchange & Internship’ for more specific information.

For Travel Visas:

For Country Travel and Travel Advisories:

For Students Interning in France

Convention de stage – Documentation for Internships in France or with a French organization outside of France

The Convention de Stage is an internship agreement between the intern, McGill University and the intern's host organization.

Please advise the Internship Office in advance if you require a convention de stage and ensure that you are registered in the FAES Internship Program for the duration of your internship. Students must also be returning to their studies following their internship. 

In order for the Convention to be completed, the following must be handed in to the Internship Office, either by email or in person:

  1. Letter of confirmation from the host organization
  2. A completed Contact Information Form
  3. A completed Letter of Agreement

Once the information for the Convention de stage has been compiled, a Travel Registry form will be created on Minerva, in which the student must log on to complete. Only once this form is completed, will the student be able to pick up their Convention de stage paperwork.

Four copies of the Convention will be printed on letterhead. All four will be signed by the student and the Internship Officer. One will be retained by the Internship Office, and the other three will be given to the student.

The student and the student’s internship supervisor must sign the three copies of the Convention. One will be retained by the host organization, one by the student, and the third must be mailed back to the Internship Office within five days after the internship begins.

You can mail the document to:
Mehek Mehta, Internship Officer
Macdonald Campus, McGill University
Macdonald Stewart Building, room MS2-082
21,111 Lakeshore Road
Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Québec, H9X 3V9, Canada

Information for International Students

If you would like to work on campus during your studies, please consult Working on campus

If you are an international student and would like to work off campus, please consult Working off campus. For students wishing to participate in an internship where your work would be off campus, you must apply for a Work Permit. Studying in Canada: Work permits for students - Co-op and internship programs. Applying online for an Off-Campus Work Permit – If you are a student who wishes to work off-campus while studying in Canada, this video will show you how to apply online for an Off-Campus Work Permit.

Information for Engineering Students

According to the document ‘Procedure for obtaining an engineer’s permit in Québec’, students may receive an experience credit for up to four months for engineering-related experience (such as an internship) acquired during the second half of their program of study.

Please consult the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec web site for more information.

For students in B Eng (Bioresource) that would like to use the FAES 300 internship course to count towards their Set D course make sure that your internship:

  1. Is overseen by a registered engineer
  2. Involves engineering design of some kind, and
  3. Is approved by a Program Advisor.

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