FAES Internship Program Information

FAES Internship Programs

In order to apply for the FAES Internship Programs, students must first receive confirmation that they have been accepted into an internship placement.

Once this is confirmed, admission is based on:

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Open to all full-time undergraduate Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences students who will be returning to their studies following their internship
  2. Students must have a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.7 or higher

Internship Guidelines:

Placement must be for a minimum of 12 weeks, minimum at full-time (35h/week) or equivalent, in a position relevant to student's field of academic study.


Permission of instructor needed


The FAES Internship Program offers credited and non-credited internship courses which will appear on student's McGill academic transcript.

Evaluation Criteria

(subject to change based on which semester a student interns during, please see the Internship Office for more specific information):

FAES 200 Internship Program course (non-credited):
Pass or Fail grade is evaluated through written assignments which are based on student's internship experiences:

  • Journals (once every 3 weeks for the duration of sudent's internship)
  • Picture Poster
  • Final Paper    

FAES 300 Internship Program course (3-credits):                                                                                             

A letter grade is given after completion of the following:

  • Supervisor Evaluations – 10%
  • Personal Statement – 5%
  • Poster and Short Presentation – 15%
  • Mid-Term Report – 15%
  • Final Report – 55%